May 30, 2011

Sweden in Touch Introduction

Hej hej alla,

You know, it’s been almost a year since I live and study in Sweden. And before that, it’s been half of year of preparations and sending all kinds of emails and letters to Chalmers and other people (as you probably already know). I don’t know the number of times during this period when I had to write an introduction about myself, but it never gets easier.
My name is Ivana, but most of you coming this year to Chalmers will call me Evie since I am part of CIRC - an international reception committee that will take care of you during first month in Gothenburg. My second nickname is Charlie, as Charlie Brown, but nobody here calls me like that. Belgrade is a capital city of Serbia and my home city, which makes me a Serbian. And that makes me non-European from Europe, so I can answer to questions from people coming outside of European Union and all the problems with visa and residence permits. Feel free to ask.
I’m a girl, an architecture student and a part-time nerd. My interests are everywhere. I think literally, there is nothing you can talk about that I won’t find interesting. Maybe politics… Favorite singer is Kate Bush, but I listen to everything - from sweet pop to heavy rock and metal. Books are a must and computer games…! I adore computer games :)
This blog will mainly be about campus life, studies and anything and everything interesting in Gothenburg and Sweden. But since it is end of May and everybody is leaving, I will try to focus more on me from one year ago. What happens when you get here, where to live, buy food, furniture your apartment…? Hopefully that will respond to some of the questions people (including me) usually have coming to a new country.
So, till next time, which probably means Friday, have fun and enjoy time with your friends at home. There will be a bunch of new ones when you get here.