June 2, 2011

Leaving Sverige

It’s Wednesday: the official day to party during the study week. Not at the moment though, since most of us ended with courses. But even during the year, if you want to go out, Wednesday is the best working day for it. My Swedish friends actually call it small Saturday. Reason why I am saying this is that you cannot recognize the city. I’ve just came back home and literally had to push the crowd in the main street to pass through. During the Swedish winter you can’t even imagine the summer. It stays so far away, like an illusion and all you know is snow and darkness most of the day. It has of course some advantages: like sleeping all the time, iceskating, snowball wars and my favorite - reason to put shiny, glowing stuff into your windows. But then it is summertime and all of the sudden it is day almost 24/7, barbecuing becomes the only way to make food and you just want to stay in the sun like a lizard. Seems like the winter never happened and everything you want to do is go out - day and night. Living in Gothenburg becomes a big advantage since the city itself has a lot of lakes, some very close to student residences. Almost every green surface can be transformed into a picnic area and of course parks are perfect for a lazy day with friends. Mostly we spend time in Slottskogen, city’s central park, but you can really just go anywhere. Not to forget the Archipelago and its islands. I’ve only been to Vrångö, but we are going to a new one this Friday, so maybe it will be even better.

The main reason why I decided to type this tonight - there is something not so nice during summer, especially in June and July. People are leaving. Erasmus students that were on exchange for a year or only second semester, they are all returning home. And for me, staying here, it is a little bit sad. I met so many wonderful people. And with some friendship is real and will probably last more than just during their stay in Gothenburg. At least I hope so. And that is what makes staying in Sweden such a great experience. People I met, professors from Chalmers, casual acquaintances from parties and so on... It takes time to get used to it, but since we are all in same situation here, it is so easy to chat up with unknown students and make new friends. Especially in the beginning (as you will see). And CIRC is there to help also. So back to my point: these couple of days has been really hectic. Trying to meet with everybody before I (and they) leave takes so much planning. And in the end, there is no way to see everyone and the only thing I can do is make promises that someday, hopefully, I will be able to go to them (or that they will come to my city). But it is still very sad and emotional, because they can become as close to you as a family.

Here I think I will stop. Have to go to sleep. It will be day very soon, since the night lasts only couple of hours now and I cannot sleep when it is too bright. Not even curtains help.

Good bye to all my lovely friends, have awesome time these last couple of days in Gothenburg! Safe flight, car ride, biking (who knows, we do try to be sustainable) or whichever way you decide to return home. We will meet again someday and till that moment, Facebook will actually have a good purpose.

Kisses from all my heart,