June 20, 2011

Money makes the world go round

I’ve been away 3 days from computer and now it is a jungle!
My mail box, social networks and all the other “useful” stuff I use are flooded with notifications and alerts. Worst is, I guess, with CIRC forum, cause I have to browse through every topic to see what was the last thing I read and then continue from there.

But today’s topic is all about the money.

Reason behind it: concert Amy Winehouse had in Belgrade. Or tried to have. Among all the news I read about what happened, it seems this is the real problem of concert debacle. “Fans were also angry as many had paid about £35 a ticket which is a lot of money in a country where the average salary is about £274 a month.” I am using this incident that happened in my country, to say something about costs and employment in Gothenburg.
When applying for a residence permit it was stated somewhere on the site that approximately 800 Euros is needed monthly to cover all the costs. It is a reasonable sum once in Gothenburg, but if you compare it to the quote from above, you can get the picture how much it is for some non-Swedish, non-EU people. When you add that from this year on tuition fee is not only 250 SEK semester but a lot more, you get a sum of around 60 000 Euros for two years of architecture studying. When in bad mood I just think about this amount and how I don’t have to pay it.

Scholarships are always an option. Never stop searching for them, never stop applying for them. Of course if there are any you are eligible to.

Other option is getting a job. Now, I am maybe spoilt, but I do want a job, so I went to a couple of seminars about employment held at Chalmers. Going to these won’t get you a job, but it is a good insight to what the market has to offer. The biggest seminar is sometime in September or October, organized by Chalmers, in the big lecture hall where Welcome Day is held.

My advice – be there!

So, what it is that you can do in Gothenburg as a student to get some extra money? From my point of view, not so much since you need Swedish for almost everything. And that everything includes even carrying boxes in a warehouse. Other obstacle can be having limited working hours that come with residence permit for students. Architectural companies for example need somebody who can work full time. But, the most important thing here is your field of study. Depending on that you can find a job even without knowing the language or being just a couple of hours worker.

Go to these sites for further information and check jobs online:
http://www.arbetsformedlingen.se/ (public employment service)
http://www.onlinenewspapers.com/sweden.htm (swedish newspaper list, I recommend Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Industri) 

Upload your CV anywhere you can.

Join http://www.academicwork.se/ (I think they are the best, but you can search for other companies of this type).

And hope for the best!

Oh, and when it comes to part-time jobs such as working in a coffee shop, hostel/hotel, babysitting, then it is all about whom you know and how strong your network is (and if you know the language). Try talking with friends or other people from your country that live in the city. Go to associations, search for contacts and there should be something to do. But don’t count that it is enough to cover all the expenses.

And now I have to return to my Swedish lesson for today.