June 12, 2011

A place to call Home Sweet Home, part 2

Where was I? Oh, yeah, moving out from Kviberg and my friend’s place to a nice one room apartment at Västra Frölunda.

It was my first time living alone and I must admit, for a person that is afraid of dark – I’ve managed perfectly. The location is so-so. Again, same thing as with Kviberg: if you come from a 2 million city then 25 minutes to University isn’t that long. But time goes by and you would prefer to be closer. At least that is what happened to me.

First stop is a big shopping mall and new apartments from White Arhitekter. You have almost everything needed inside the mall, but there are some other less expensive shops 2 or 3 stops before Frölunda. A big bus station is located just on top of the tram station which makes this place the best connected one (by my opinion). You could directly go to Ostkupan (another student residence) or to the city center, there are night busses and trams and Saltholmen is only 30 minutes away. It’s a pier from which you take ferries to the islands.

But the main reasons to recommend Frölunda are, of course, parties! The place is crawling with Erasmus students from Italy, Spain and France which is almost a guarantee for great food and even better partying. There are three streets with buildings that have SGS flats – Mandolingatan, Marconigatan and Näverlursgatan. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing to keep you from working and studying while living here, but sometimes similar people just gravitate towards each other and you get something I call a “party flat”. If you AREinterested ONLY in studying, try to avoid these. Speaking of flats, I’ve encountered with two types: single apartment in which I was and a community flat. Single speaks for itself: entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen, small terrace and one single room. From my point of view there is only one bad aspect to it and it’s the fact you have to cook for yourself. Let’s see why!

It was around 5 o`clock, time for tv and I needed some popcorns. Only problem was that I didn’t have microwave and even if I did, I prefer them from a pan, all greasy and salty. So I put a pan full of oil, covered it and went to my room while it gets warm. During that time I had a call on Skype and of course forgot about the oil. After a while I smelled something burning and went back to the kitchen to see my pan full of smoke. Now, for you that know chemistry (or are just smarter than me at that moment) fire needs oxygen to burn. That is the reason why you shouldn’t take the lid (which I did) and why you should put it right back until everything cools off (which I didn’t). What I did do, with a burning pan in my hands, was a very stupid thing of putting it in the sink and under the water. I believe that the flat still has a gray wave of smoke on the ceiling. And what I forgot to mention is that every apartment has a smoke detector. Imagine…

I’ll end this small story with: thanks God it didn’t have sprinklers as well and luckily I didn’t get burned.

Now, if you live in what I called community flat, that would have never happened. There is couple of reasons why not. First of all, you are sharing the kitchen with other (I think 4) people. Then, since there is a common living room and somebody is always sitting on the couch or at the dining table, they would have noticed the burning smell or smoke coming from the pan. Or if they were in their rooms or terrace, you could shout out for help. Also, two heads are smarter than one and hopefully one would’ve known how to better deal with the situation. Which are all the reasons why I moved to Olofshojd, but it is for the next time.

Big hugs,