June 14, 2011

A place to call Home Sweet Home, part THE END

Morning is my favorite time of the day. And it is always over too fast.
One week ago I used (for the first time) an option, given by gmail, that sends back automatic answer stating, in my case “I’m on vacation till 1st of July”. Please somebody, explain to me why am I then online reading & answering emails, working on CIRC forum, discussing official matters with Västtrafik, calling my bank to ask for papers I need in order to have my residence permit extended, going to buy breakfast, planning rest of the week, writing down what I have to finish while in Serbia and what is left for Sweden and finishing my dad’s website. Wasn’t I supposed to be on vacation for crying out loud?!? For sure, being a workaholic isn’t me. Then why is this happening…?

You know, studying in Sweden has one feature I absolutely adore! It is dividing time to work and pleasure. Since architecture isn’t only studying, but a way of life, I’m used to spend 24/7 with my mind plugged in to some architectural problem or just an interesting project. It’s only here, that I managed to enjoy time without having to stress about University and homework. Tough, I’m starting to go in totally opposite way and should study more this term, but still… It is so nice to relax and be worry-free if professor will shout at you or get mad because you aren’t giving 100% of yourself. These people respect you being an individual and having your own tempo of work. Very nice! I just have to learn now how to relax during vacations as well.

Getting back to Home Sweet Home topic…
Olofshöjd - I’m in love with the location. Close to the Uni, Korsvägen, Ostkupan, Viktor Rydberg, Rotary, it takes only 30 minutes to Brunnsparken and 45 to Slottskogen ON FOOT. If you want to use trams/buses, every line is so close and there are couple of night ones as well. In half an hour radius you have any shop you need (including Systembolaget, a very important institution for every student). It is a campus full of red brick buildings that offer residence to 8-20 students (not sure about 20, but the number gets really high). Mine has 8 of us, each having our own bedroom and bathroom and sharing a big kitchen. Bigger “houses” have couple of smaller kitchens, approx 4-6 people sharing one. On the campus there are some fields for sports, grills, sauna(s), gym, laundry rooms, solarium, 2 bars and I am sure something more that I haven’t discovered yet. What shocked me the most was how quiet it is. I thought that living with students will be crazy! But it is not. You can choose if you want to have a party or not, stay at home or go out. From time to time my Pakistani flat mate (this isn’t a right term since we just share the kitchen, but it’ll work) tends to sing very loud while cooking. And my room is right next to the kitchen. But he is getting better and better and I sometime play loud music to back him up. When it really bugs me, I just go there and tell him to tone it down, we are after all grown-ups and it is never a problem to discuss something that bothers you with the rest of household. Also, I’ve been to some places where people have kids living with them. That can be a little bit annoying for both sides: kids shouting/crying, younger or Erasmus students wanting to party all the time. As I said, grown-ups - discuss…
I even have pictures for this one… This blog is a great way to see how it was one year ago, I forgot about all the stuff I was excited for and all the pics I took.

Till next time,