August 1, 2011

Being sick and hating it

Last night before going to bed, I had this perfect opening sentence for a blog post. Now I cannot remember it.

To be quite honest I didn’t believe that having a spine/back problem will be such a big deal. But it is and for almost two weeks now, I am locked inside the flat. Going crazy for sure! And being angry since all I can do is move from bed to the kitchen and bathroom and back again.

Another great friend went home after a year of Erasmus. We had lots of fun this last days and I enjoyed (I was laughing between every scream caused by the back pain). But now when she is gone, I really have no reason to put myself on torture and move around. I can only look at the photos I’ve taken and hope that I will be able to go out again.

Also, there is one more thing that is driving me crazy apart from being a prisoner in my own flat. No, to be honest everything is driving me crazy and this is a hate blog, but it is just easier to take it all out. Blame it on the constant pain.

During summer Sweden is on vacation. Not people, but whole country! Everything stops. I found the doctor I needed one day before he went on holidays. And he sent me to another group of doctors that could actually help me, but guess what - they are on holiday as well. I just have to wait for them to return, who cares that painkillers aren’t working. Other than that, I must say Sweden does have a good health system and as a student I am covered by their insurance. Every appointment with the doctor costs 100 SEK (if you go to the one system gave you, if you go to a random one you’ll pay 300 SEK). But if I understood correctly, after you’ve spent 900 kronor on doctors, rest of the treatment is for free. I have this feeling I’ll know if this is true soon, very soon.

Weather is nice, warm with occasional rain, but it is more sunny than rainy. Barbecue is still the easiest and fastest way to eat, but I’ve been going to some restaurants in the city center and they are good. Really good! Though Abhi says they are too expensive and maybe I should agree (but only if you eat there every day, otherwise it is a good price for going for a dinner once a week or something).

Alice and I for her good-bye dinner

Similarly, there is a small, but noticeable progress on my portfolio. I was actually working real hard on it just before this spine thing happened. Unfortunately now I don’t have the will to go on with it, or anything else. Damn, I am getting depressed without going out.

Other than me constantly nagging about not being able to move (did I already mention that?) CIRC is taking a lot of my time. We are working on finalizing the events calendar and details, I’m preparing information for 52 phadder groups and city tour and things are slowly starting to heat up. It is 1st of August and students already started to arrive. Of course, if I don’t get better before the Welcome day, all the CIRC stuff I’ll do is typing. BORING!
In the end, I guess I just want to say thanks to all the people that are trying to make this easier for me - from making me company to offering to go shopping instead of me. It is really nice of all of them and I do appreciate.

Oh, and it seems that I am allowed to take keys in the name of other people, so I am at least helping with that. Many new students are coming too late in the night to pick up the keys for their flats at Olofs so I am going to do that for them. It must be the drugs that make me all this nice.

Good night,