August 17, 2011

Kulturkalas, Göteborg

This is a quick note!

Starting yesterday till the end of the week Kulturkalaset is on! It is a mix of events of all kind, throughout the city and it covers almost anything you can imagine. Unfortunately, my camera decided not to cooperate, but phone is always there! Crappy pics though :( I've charged the batteries now, so hopefully there will be some nice pictures to come. Food from around the world at Gustav Adolfs Torg or Arash's concert at Götaplatsen - you name it. Tomorrow I am going to listen to gospel choir. 

You can find the information on this site:

I prefer to use this map and just chose the places I wanna go to. But it's up to you. Also, they are on twitter and facebook, if you prefer to be informed that way.

Ikväll jag lyssnade på Arash, hade min första lektionen med SFI lärare och nu jag måste skriva om stjärnor, makt, ljus och morkret och vad min steger menar för mig och Jorden.

God natt,