August 29, 2011

Starting with a blast - return to the school

I survived!

Last week was all about the new students and meeting people, so we had 3 parties in 3 days. And I managed to attend all of them. It was good I must admit, especially FestU - party organized by a special Chalmers committee just for that. Those guys know how to turn our student union building into a club. All the tickets were sold out in advance and I even know people who paid 400 kronor just to get inside. Since I was having so much fun, I didn’t take any pictures. But fortunately there was another committee - Chalmers Film & Fotocommitté and they took these and many more lovely pictures.

Also, during previous weekend, Architecture department had a quick Revit course held by our own William Westin. It was intense and time consuming (from 10am till 5pm), but worth it. Courses and workshops like this are held all the time, so I’ll try to keep you informed about them. Chalmers is a place of opportunities and you should keep your eyes open for them.

That said, tomorrow is the first day of school for us in the second year of the Masters. I am as excited as one year ago when I had no clue what is happening around me. Vacations are nice, but I missed working on a project or just listening about good/bad architecture.

One more thing: you may need this during first couple of days.

It is a map that highlights classrooms and explains where what is in Johanneberg campus. For architecture students that is really simple since we rarely leave the building (unless we have a road-trip or go into the town), but the other students change lecture halls on daily basis.

So, since it is almost 11pm, I should finish this and go to bed - tomorrow is a big day! And after the lectures CIRC is organizing a gaming night at Fysiken. With my luck in sports I will have a concussion in no time.

Good night,