August 21, 2011

Welcome day and the trips

Two more days!!!

I am getting all excited for these new students coming. We already had a day with phadders, playing games, painting shirts and signs. My fingernails are still blue, since I’ve decided to go creative and write with my fingers instead of a paintbrush. One other guy even made his feet blue to have a footprint on his shirt. Like children in a kindergarten, but couple of years of difference. Barbecue was inevitable as always during these sunny days.

But all of that fun just made me more tired when finally I got home and instead of going to bed I opened my mail. The one I didn’t open for couple of weeks. BOOM! There it was the entire work-mail list I have to do and I’ve been trying to forget about. Vacations are over, unfortunately, and now it’s time to be serious again (at least during the 5 working days).

Inside those emails, I found two that really matter.
First one is about Russia road trips happening again. I went beginning of this year and had great time! There is still nothing official, but as soon as we all start working on it new dates and details about the trip will be released on
Second, for me even better news is ESN Sea Battle! Now that is an event everybody talks about. Unfortunately I had an exam and couldn’t go, but this time there is nothing stopping me! A ship cruise to another city, nights of games, dancing and duty free shopping… 15-17th November are booked for me!

And now, off to answering the rest of emails.

p.s. check your emails for the information sent by CIRC about the Welcome day. we are waiting for you on 23rd inside the Student Union Building on Johanneberg campus. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!