September 5, 2011

Third week of the CIRC activities

Time goes so fast these days. I’ve only been going to lectures for one week and it feels like one whole month!
But it is nice and the course I am taking - Leadership in Architecture - is very good. It is a good mix of self-improvement tips, research and analyzing. And it helped me to form my master thesis idea, which makes me even more satisfied with it.

Most of my time, of course, belongs to CIRC (which can explain why I am awake at 00:30). This will be our third week of activities if I am not mistaken. Already we had Swedish sittning, city tour, Chalmers tour, a trip to Archipelago and the games night. This week it will be karaoke, laser tag, Fest U, picnic and canoeing. A lot of events to arrange and attend! But being a new student in unfamiliar city and completely new university makes you more adventurous. We didn’t expect more than 50 people for the games night last week and we ended up with almost 200. That was an adventure for CIRC - to figure out what to do with 4 times more people than predicted!

Best thing of all, weather is nice and hopefully it will stay like this till the end of our reception.

*how many students can you fit inside the phone booth?

Pictures in this post belong to CIRC ( and Nicola Crovato.