November 12, 2011

One week in short notes

  •  woke up every day at 7am. Even without the alarm (annoying!)
  •  spent all day in the studio: from 9am till 5pm - as a result there is no finished project but we had tons of fun and jokes flying around! With a reasonable amount of time spent on fika, of course.
  •  after a while of being air-deprived studio group decided to watch Human Centipad - the most disgusting film ever (watch South Park’s HumancentiPad episode for a glimpse of the story ). The only question is, should we watch it before or after the midcrits?
  • went to yoga on Tuesday during lunch time. It was kinda surreal, just focusing on your body during the “working” hours.
  • missed yoga and SFI, Wednesday and Thursday. Feeling bad about both, but I was just too tired.
  • had a Mexican sittning as a part of CIRC ASPA (recruitment)
  • went to VARM, an engineering expo positioned at the entrance of Architecture building (similar to the big CHARM at Student Union). People gave me a lot of lovely freebies and a company contact for my Master Thesis. I called, but the woman was sick and asked if I can call again on Friday. Didn’t write it down - forgot to call. Dammit!
  • went to Frolunda, for a student party. When I got here last year we had 300 people in the same apartment and police came to kick us out because of the fire/safety measures. This time it was much more calm, maybe because we were waiting to see what will happen at 11:11pm.
  •  had lectures from Tengbom architects, White architects and my professor. We are doing a psychiatric hospital in my studio. It is so much work! We even went to Linkoping last month, to see the location in real life. Never been inside the psychiatric institution before.
  • spent the week watching students playing ping-pong in the Ljusgarden of the Architecture house, during lunch time. Made a video of one game.
  •  had my group’s model exhibited in the glass cabinet at the A-building entrance. Most of the models from the course made it to the cabinet.
  •  had to pay for my best friend’s airplane ticket since we don’t use credit cards back in Serbia. BEST news in a long time - both of friends will come to Gothenburg in December. One of the will celebrate her birthday here. I cannot wait!
  •  finally enjoying a weekend without anything important to do. I missed having no obligations except studies…