November 23, 2011

What just happened?

I know this post was supposed to be about the Sea Battle trip, but I have something (even) more interesting.
You know how people sometimes say that architects are still in the kindergarten, playing around and not doing anything serious. Well, any non-architect in our building would say so for what happened today.

It started with some of us noticing that students start to gather in large groups in the inner courtyard. Then a piece of cloth fell down. Then some more… Soon it was raining clothes and materials in turquoise color. And then in pink, black, green, yellow… And people were recording the event with the cameras and sound system we haven’t seen before the lunch. The most amazing part was that you couldn’t hear any sound in the yard, just the material falling down and touching the ground. All of the students kept silent while the performance went on.

Pictures are unfortunately bad since I took them with my phone. But you get the idea. And this jumpsuit looked so creepy, like they tossed a person with the rest of the clothes.

And all of this was for a master thesis by a Swedish girl in her final year. She got these huge amounts of clothing donated by her friends, family, second-hand shops. As far as I know, the reason behind it is architecture and art, a performance about spectrum of colors we use in architecture. But I may be wrong. Anyway, in January I will have final pictures of her proposal and I’ll also probably go to the defense of the master thesis and hear what the whole thing is about.

Till then, remember that architects work - even when they play!

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