December 31, 2011

New Year's celebration in Belgrade

Hej hej lovely people!

This is my only blog post from Belgrade, Serbia since I will return to Sweden in 5 days. It was nice to be at home, though very short this time. But I am happy to return to Sweden as well, it somehow feels like going back home as well.

It is half past eight and 4 of us girlfriends are putting makeup on and getting ready for the New Year's celebration. If you are a girl, for sure you are familiar how this "make-up all over the place, dresses hanging over lamps, shoes sitting on the table" looks like before going out. And it is 10x more messy before such an important event as New Year. I am too afraid to put out "before" but I will add the "after" pictures tomorrow.


Last year I have had 4 resolutions and I must brag that they are all fulfilled till today. This time I have only one and it is BE RELAXED since I am missing that at the moment.
This year I am going to write 10 reasons why I would love to stay in Sweden. In June 2012 I will have my Master diploma and it will be time to think what next. At the moment staying in Göteborg seems like a nice idea to me, but we will see what happens next. Anyway, my reasons for staying:

1. I like the city A LOT. It makes me feel safe and welcomed. It is big enough not to get bored in it and small enough not to be scared and alone.
2. People are interesting. It happens a lot that I don't understand why they do some things the way they do. But still, they are friendly, helpful and easy going when you meet them better.
3. I have made some great friends and I don't want to leave them.
4. Weather is actually something I like. This year winter is not as white and wonderful, but in general I am satisfied. Not to mention that my asthma problems are completely gone.
5. Everything is arranged and happens by rules. I like the feeling of knowing exactly what is going on and why.
6. Sweden is a great place to study and work in architecture field. Some of the best offices are located there and it would be awesome to find a job there.
7. Learning new languages is one of my hobbies and Swedish is not as hard as Swedes would like you to think.
8. Love of nature is something very specific for people living in Sweden. They even have a law the Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) that allows you to visit somebody else's land or waters in order to enjoy the nature.
9. Mix of cultures and all the different nationalities you meet makes living in Sweden such an incredible experience. Learning more about those people and sharing different customs makes days never boring.
10. And last, but not least -Alexander Skarsgard is Swedish and we still haven't met ;)

As promised, some pics from the night and morning after. Also, I have remembered two important reasons that I have previously forgot.

One is the law against smoking in public places! It feels so normal not to choke on smoke while in a club or a restaurant that I forgot it is not the case back at home. I smelled like a smoked ham or something after the New Year's party. The other point is public transport and how punctual it is. I do a little happy dance everytime the bus I need comes on time here in Belgrade. That is definitely not the case in Sweden.

December 21, 2011

Where is the snow?

Christmas is coming and everybody is in a state of euphoria about it. Going home, wandering around the city, enjoying the lovely decorations and buying presents for the family. Myself, I am only enjoying the looks of it since, being Ortdox, my Christmas is in January.

First comes the New Year and all the drama about “where, with whom, what and how” that the night brings. Then you have a couple of days to feel better after hardcore partying and it’s Christmas time! Of course I love white Christmas the best, but this year chances of snow are so low. My belief in global warming is growing day by day.

Nevertheless, Gothenburg is in the holiday mood.

I was writing an email to a ESN friend from Innsbruck about sightseeing in Gbg. And I have realized that I know so much about it even though I have never spent time learning this information. It is one of the many perks a city like Gothenburg has – making you feel like you lived in it forever and everything is well-known. During Christmas, it is so nice to walk around like a tourist, with a camera and eager eyes that search for something new. Everything is lit with so many different decorations, glowing crowns, small lights, different colors. A walk in Avenyn becomes simply magical. And Liseberg with its trees that shimmer with over four million sparkling Christmas lights, an ice rink and a large Christmas market – perfection. The biggest free-fall ride Atmosfear has a huge star on top if it and it is visible from my window. Perfect for dreaming and having one wish every night.

If you are coming to Goteborg during these holidays, here is the site with all the useful information

Look at the pictures, the one I have posted is from this site. You can feel the holiday spirit even in the still shots.

Last, but not least, check this out. It’s a project for the vision people of Gothenburg have for their city. Among others you can see some people I know from architecture studies. It is nice to see everybody involved and caring. As I think I said before, Swedish people care a lot about where they live and how they live, so projects like this aren’t a novelty.

December 11, 2011

Så många saker, inte så mycket tid

This last week was sooooo exciting for me! Not only were my friends in Göteborg, but I have also found an examiner for my master thesis. And since most of the books about the topic I am interested in are in Swedish plus my examiner is Swedish (of course) it is a perfect way to practice.

There is so many things I would like to say and write about, but my plane for Belgrade is in 3 hours and I still haven't packed everything. Do you hate packing? I do. Especially when I am carrying only the hand luggage.

Anyway, tommorow I will try to find some time and write about all the places to see in Göteborg during Christmas holidays. An ESN member from Austria asked me to help him with some suggestions for sightseeing and given that I just did that with my friends - I know the right places to go to :)

Until tomorrow,
många pussar och kramar

Why am I so busy???

Maybe because one of my group mates gave up on our project. He said that it was too stressful for him, he couldn't follow the two of us that worked harded and faster. And also he, apparently, was afraid of the other girl in the group. If you ask me - it is a load of B***SH**. I won't even start with the whole story here, he doesn't deserve it. It doesn't change too much for the two of us since he never worked anyway.

This is my workspace at the moment, two computers on - one eye per monitor :)
It is kinda funny how used and addicted we are to electric devices. The flight home I took with my friend, we played a game on her HTC the whole trip. But funnies part was that the guy next to us played car racing on his iPhone, moving around and making noises. I have a video of two of them playing at the same time - hilarious!

Off I go, working time. Tomorrow we have a tutorial with the professor. I guess I will skype to it from home.