December 11, 2011

Så många saker, inte så mycket tid

This last week was sooooo exciting for me! Not only were my friends in Göteborg, but I have also found an examiner for my master thesis. And since most of the books about the topic I am interested in are in Swedish plus my examiner is Swedish (of course) it is a perfect way to practice.

There is so many things I would like to say and write about, but my plane for Belgrade is in 3 hours and I still haven't packed everything. Do you hate packing? I do. Especially when I am carrying only the hand luggage.

Anyway, tommorow I will try to find some time and write about all the places to see in Göteborg during Christmas holidays. An ESN member from Austria asked me to help him with some suggestions for sightseeing and given that I just did that with my friends - I know the right places to go to :)

Until tomorrow,
många pussar och kramar

Why am I so busy???

Maybe because one of my group mates gave up on our project. He said that it was too stressful for him, he couldn't follow the two of us that worked harded and faster. And also he, apparently, was afraid of the other girl in the group. If you ask me - it is a load of B***SH**. I won't even start with the whole story here, he doesn't deserve it. It doesn't change too much for the two of us since he never worked anyway.

This is my workspace at the moment, two computers on - one eye per monitor :)
It is kinda funny how used and addicted we are to electric devices. The flight home I took with my friend, we played a game on her HTC the whole trip. But funnies part was that the guy next to us played car racing on his iPhone, moving around and making noises. I have a video of two of them playing at the same time - hilarious!

Off I go, working time. Tomorrow we have a tutorial with the professor. I guess I will skype to it from home.