January 21, 2012

It is snowing! Finally!

Yesterday, I was about to make a post called Y U no snow?
So imagine how happy I am this morning to see that it is snowing AND it seems that the snow will stay since the temperatures are low enough. I guess being happy for the snow is something you need when studying in Sweden, it being a cold country. Another reason for my happiness - if it is snowing than the Sauna party will be better because you can jump into a frozen lake! It is way cooler to get inside a small "fishing" hole on a huge lake than just going in like it is a normal beach. At least in my opinion.

Pictures will follow later today, when it becomes white enough.
Oh, and I made two new blogs for my master thesis. You can find them on http://experimentmasterthesis.wordpress.com/ and http://experimentmasterthesis.tumblr.com/ so feel free to check them out. At the moment there aren't so many interesting things, but it will serve as my diary once I get started.
So, of I go to eat my breakfast and enjoy real Swedish weather!

My iPhone and Windows aren't in good relations at the moment, so I cannot transfer the pictures from today. HOWEVER! I have a video made by a friend, showing were we went today. It was simply amazing to see Gothenburg from this high point in Slottskogen, just behind the old ski slope.

Pictures will be posted as soon as my computer allows me.

January 16, 2012

Quest started: Master Thesis

If you are wondering about the title - it’s because I played too much Skyrim (Elder Scrolls) during my winter holidays.

The time has come! On 12th of January I had my last exam, which went well by the way, and now I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Free in terms of arranging my own time and schedule since from now on I am going to work on my master thesis. It feels a little bit strange to finally get to this point when professors consider that you have enough knowledge to work on your own. Of course that they will help, but you are the one that makes the assignment. And I must admit it is not that easy.

I have been thinking for a while now about my topic and decided to do housing. Preferably student housing since there is such a need for it in Goteborg and Sweden in general. We will see how it goes. I will try to organize everything during this week: I have already found an office where I’ll sit together with some great people/friends from the past course, there is a paper I need to hand in and get the signature to officially start and a bunch of emails to be sent to different companies, PhD students and so on. Also, I need to finish the work on my portfolio and try to find a job. Fingers crossed. Now when I look at this, I will be as busy as before, or even more! Good part though is the fact that I can shift the schedule any way I want, which I think the most important thing here: how to balance between hard work and student life.

And talking about student life today was the registration day for the newcomers. New CIRC is going to make a 2 weeks reception period and I am going to join them. Help them with the organization during the events and of course have fun with the new people. Can’t wait for the sauna party this year, it so different without snow. You’ll see the pictures anyway.

Previous post I had pictures from the January Master thesis exhibition. I am just hoping that I will proudly show you my work when the time comes.


January 10, 2012

Short notice - check it out!

I know it is on a very short notice, but if you have time pass by Architecture building today. Fifth year Master students are having their thesis exhibitions and presentations

All the projects are in the Ljus garden in A-building and in the pdf you can find who is presenting in which room.
Also, if you remember, I made a post with some pictures of falling clothes. Since I have an exam on 12th I missed the presentation and reasoning behind the color coded clothing, but there is a website about the thesis so maybe you can figure out the point of it all http://miathyberg.wordpress.com/

These are some projects that I found really interesting and nicely executed.

January 5, 2012

Tips when flying in to Göteborg

Today was a very intense day! I was returning home from my apartment only to find that someone broke in!!! My parents were on a vacation (cut short after what had happened) and I wasn’t at home for two days. It is a lucky coincidence that I was out last night, I don’t wish to know what would have happened if they had broken in while I was sleeping. Then I had to wait for the police to come and swipe for fingerprints and so on. I have to admit it was interesting to see all the equipment you usually get to know about only from tv-shows. However, I really dislike the occasion for learning more about forensics. I had to leave a friend in the flat to wait for my parents since the door couldn’t close and I had to hurry up to the airport. There the flight was delayed, so we embarked on the journey one hour later than planned. Since I had such a “wonderful” day it was only fair that something good happens. And it did - I was seated in the exclusive seats of Wizzair. Flight attendant put me there to talk with the English/Swedish speaking people, but since there weren’t many I spent the flight sleeping. I must admit that having a bigger more comfortable seat and a lot of leg space is nice. Also, being next to the window I was able to see both Belgrade and Gothenburg in the night. Amazing views, both cities are so different from the air!

After that nothing out of the ordinary happened on my way to the flat and I am grateful, very grateful for it.
But this journey back to Sweden reminded me of my first flight to the unknown city of Gothenburg. I was year and a half younger and without any experience when it comes to living and traveling alone.

Let’s see how it is when you arrive to Gbg from the air. I am guessing that a lot of exchange or master students that are coming this semester are doing it by plane. There are two airports in Gothenburg: the big one called Landvetter airport and the small city airport called Säve (or just City airport). All the low-cost flights arrive at the city airport and the “normal” ones use Landvetter. First time I flew to Sweden with bags and bags of luggage, I came to the big one. It is actually not BIG, but compared to the other one it seems huge. It is simple enough to find your way on both of them, just follow the signs, both in Swedish and English.

Transportation from the airport to the city is simple as well. I wouldn’t take the cab since it is too expensive here (and this goes for the cab in the city as well). From my experience, buying a Flygbussarna ticket online is the best option http://www.flygbussarna.se/ You can print it or save it on your smartphone and just show it in the bus. Check the bus route and don’t be afraid if there is no time table available. They are going on every 15 minutes or so. Also, if you are planning to live at Olofs, Ostkupan or Johanneberg area, go out at Korsvägen instead of the city center (for people coming from Landvetter). You can buy the ticket on board using your card or inside the airport. I don’t think they accept cash inside the bus.

The last stop from both airports is the Nils Ericson terminal. Once you are there, buy the Västtrafik ticket inside the round Kiosk on Drottningtorget =Central Station. It is the transportation card you will use while in Gbg. On their site you can find a lot of useful information http://www.vasttrafik.se/en/ That is also the place where you will check the timetables of trams and how to get from point A to point B. If you are arriving late, check on the site to see if there will be any trams at all. If you don’t wish to buy the ticket, you can pay with your phone. Just send a GV to 72450 (under 25, you have to check the code if you are older on the boards at every tram stop).

If you aren’t using a monthly card, each ticket is valid for a period of 90 minutes from the moment you have activated it. You can switch transport during those 90 minutes.

These two map providers are the best when searching for an address in Sweden. Of course you can use Google maps as well. http://www.eniro.se/ or http://www.hitta.se/

If you have any more questions about your way on the very first day (accidental rhyme hahaha), you can ask me or send an email to CIRC info@circ.chalmers.se They are the reception committee that greets all the Chalmerists.

Have a safe flight and see you next semester,

January 3, 2012

Apple (big smile)

Evertytime I sit down to write a blog, thinking about a name for it is the hardest part. So I have decided to call them only by one word that marked my week. And I must say, my new computer definitely did that!

I have decided long long time ago that I need to have a new computer for my master thesis since the old one was basically falling apart. Being an architecture/design student, Apple seemed like a good choice. Great design of the computer is just a bonus, these guys (computer is a HE in Serbian) are just made for the programs I use. Yesterday when I worked in InDesign it was moving almost too fast! I am not used to it and it made me jump like a small child, out of pure happiness. This also means that I am in full working mode from yesterday which is good for a number of reasons.

My meeting with the supervisor is on Monday and I am trying to write down everything I wish to do for my master thesis and how to do it. From what I heard, everybody is having a slow start. Since most of the students want to have a real project in their thesis (and maybe include working in an office as well), we are all spending this first month just waiting for the answers from different clients. Did I write annoying somewhere? Because it is!

Most common situation in Sweden (but frankly not only here) is that you first send an email. There you will state who you are, what you need and why you need it from that specific person. In my case this happens:
1. they reply saying they unfortunately cannot help me, but Person X can, so I should contact them
2. I contact Person X but they do not answer
3. I must call Person X

I don't know what happens after no3. It may sound very funny, but I am scared of making phone-calls! It is the least favourite thing on my list of least favourite things. It goes before eating a worm (though I never had to do that, but trust me I would if it means that I don't have to call somebody).

I have no problem speaking with people in person. It doesn't matter if I know them, met them for the first time, did something embarrassing in front of them - I can and I will speak. But calling over the phone — that is just for the closest of family and friends. Otherwise I am just too nervous.

I guess that is something I have to work on.
Starting now and calling Person X.

Wish me luck,

p.s. new CIRC organized SAUNA party last Sunday, I am still waiting for the pics, but you will be the first to see them