January 21, 2012

It is snowing! Finally!

Yesterday, I was about to make a post called Y U no snow?
So imagine how happy I am this morning to see that it is snowing AND it seems that the snow will stay since the temperatures are low enough. I guess being happy for the snow is something you need when studying in Sweden, it being a cold country. Another reason for my happiness - if it is snowing than the Sauna party will be better because you can jump into a frozen lake! It is way cooler to get inside a small "fishing" hole on a huge lake than just going in like it is a normal beach. At least in my opinion.

Pictures will follow later today, when it becomes white enough.
Oh, and I made two new blogs for my master thesis. You can find them on http://experimentmasterthesis.wordpress.com/ and http://experimentmasterthesis.tumblr.com/ so feel free to check them out. At the moment there aren't so many interesting things, but it will serve as my diary once I get started.
So, of I go to eat my breakfast and enjoy real Swedish weather!

My iPhone and Windows aren't in good relations at the moment, so I cannot transfer the pictures from today. HOWEVER! I have a video made by a friend, showing were we went today. It was simply amazing to see Gothenburg from this high point in Slottskogen, just behind the old ski slope.

Pictures will be posted as soon as my computer allows me.