February 29, 2012


Have you heard about Eurovision?
If you are planning to study in Sweden, I am sure you know how much Swedes love music. And I am not talking only about listening to it, almost all my friends sang at least once in front of me - during a sittning, party, game, dinner...

So, about Eurovision: this year's contest will be the 57th. Since Azerbaijan won in 2011, it will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Sweden first win was in 1974 when ABBA sang Waterloo. I am sure you have heard this song, but if not just click on the name. Since then they won 3 more times, holding the competition twice in Stockholm and once in Göteborg and Malmö. Last year they came third, with Eric Saade's song Popular.

The reason behind this post is Melodifestivalen - swedish song contest where contestant for Eurovision will be chosen. It started 4th of February and will finish 10th of March at the Global Arena in Stockholm. Now, if you ask people almost everybody will deny listening or enjoying these songs. If you go back in time, you will notice that music back then was actually very good and singers were already a household names. Now, it is mostly for unknown singers trying to please the audience and open some doors in the industry.

Still, I find it amusing and funny to watch with a group of friends. Last year, we were following Eurovision during the final night. I believe we were almost 30 sitting around one small, old tv and cheering up for different countries.

So, if you have nothing better to do, organize a watching with a friend or two, three etc. I promise, if nothing else, you will have material to make fun of the performers. In a good spirit of course :)

My favorite at the moment.


February 26, 2012

Söndags brunch

It is promotion weekend!

Our adorable J.A. Pripps Pub & Café at Student Union Building has a new feature - Sunday's brunch. If you are not familiar with the expression, this is what dictionaries say about it:

brunch [brʌntʃ]
A meal typically eaten late in the morning as a combination of a late breakfast and an early lunch

Last week it was around 180 people coming to the pub and today I am sure we are as many if not more.

At the moment it costs only 59 SEK, but I don't know for how long. I think the regular price will be 99 SEK which still makes it one of the cheapest (and the best) brunches in the city.
And since it is spring, we were sitting outside, enjoying the food, sun and company.

Dani and I

I love people who look good when smiling on pictures. It is definitely not my case

To sum it up, this was a very nice start of a lazy sunday. Spring is here and I still have problems understanding it. I was reading Tingting's post here and thinking if couple of sunny days is enough to say that Spring is here. But when I went out on Friday, there was something specific in the air. That something that says to you that the season changed and makes you very happy.

Chalmers Studentkår

on my way home

I am going to spend the rest of my day as this cat - just relaxing and thinking about nothing. What are you going to do? If nothing, next week, you could definitely go and check out the brunch at Pripps.

Sunny hugs,

February 23, 2012

BANEF Festival

For all the film enthusiasts there:

I just came home from one of my favorite bars/restaurants in Göteborg. It is called Hagabion and it is actually inside an old building (I guess it was some sort of factory before) that serves as a cinema now. It is not any cinema though, they play movies in their original language. They have these weeks when they would play movies from only one country or only in one language. Very interesting to see and also nice if you feel homesick.
Anyway, BANEFF is a film festival as you can see if you click on the name. It is about Balkan New Film with the focus on Serbian new cinema. They will play 5 different movies, out of which I have seen two: Montevideo, taste of a dream and Skinning. I would recommend them, though I think our cinematography has much better movies, especially the old ones.

If you are interested, all the information about the festival is on the webpage, but I can say that it is from 2-4 of March at Hagabion, Linnegatan 21. And it doesn't seem to expensive compared to the usual ticket prices.
Basically it is stuff like this that is the reason I like Sweden so much. Almost every country I know has some sort of event where you can learn more about the culture, meet with people from your place of birth or eat the most amazing food you have never tasted before.

To sum up, since I am tired and I have a lot of work for tomorrow:
If you are interested in movies, check this out. Or check the Göteborg Film festival. And also, there are groups on facebook who play movies for free - every week they decide on a topic and choose a movie by voting. Last, but not least, you can always go to Chalmers and watch a movie in Run-An for a price of 30-40 kronor (I think it's that much but I am not sure). Which is extremely cheap compared to the cinemas here.

Happy watching,

February 20, 2012

Cooking (not anymore)

Hej everyone,
I don't know how to start this topic. Maybe by saying that I am the least appropriate person to talk about food if not how to consume it.

I was just writing about tasty things I ate in Sweden and how international dinners are just a perfect way to get to know people. I was also saying something along: even though it seems a safe topic, be careful when you talk about typically Swedish dishes. Meatballs and kannelbulle are Swedish, I repeat SWEDISH and nobody else knew about those two before Swedes ;)

Then I was going to post this picture of Yevgeniy (which is rotated I don't know why) and say how ashamed I was when previous week he brought this perfect Russian salad to our SFI class, and I didn't make anything. Though, I didn't really know that we were supposed to bring food since I missed some classes due to the thesis work.

Last, but not least, I wanted to give you some links for the Swedish recipes I tried and liked. However, while searching for those, I came across this most interesting event.

I will just post some pictures and say "what?!?" It is a World Championship in topless tobogganing and it is held in Norway. Read more about this event here and I will leave my food blog for some other time, I feel like it is not possible to write about it after seeing this. Though I must say, there is something so lovable in the way Scandinavian countries crave for fun and the feeling of being free.

*all pictures are from the site, just go into bilder VM 2010 or 2011 to see more

Does your country hosts something as crazy as this? Let me know, I am really interested.

February 12, 2012

Suit up!

Dear readers and my online-completely public-dear diary masked as a blog,
This previous week was definitely a "suit up" one.

It started with CHARM and a rush of almost all of the Chalmers to the posts set up by companies. People came with different reasons — some searching for a master thesis, others for employment and some just for freebies. I, on the other hand, was there by accident. CHARM takes place in both Student Union building and the Architecture foyer and ljusgarden. Therefor I had to get in touch with all of this even if I didn't really feel like it. Reason behind — simple: in the best case there will be only 2 to 3 companies that are willing to hire an architect and most often it is a Swedish talking person. And to run around just for the goodies feels silly.

Anyhow, since I was already in the building, I walked around with some friends (almost the whole CIRC 2011 was there and it was nice to see each other after our mandate). During that walk, I came in contact with a Norwegian consulting company and they invited me for a mingle party the next day.

That mingle event made me suit up for a second time. I was nervous about it since I had a feeling it will be in Swedish (and it was) and that I won't know anybody (but I did). All in all it was a nice dinner. I talked with people, learnt a little bit about the company, had lovely food and drinks and enjoyed everything. Now they have me on their mailing list and fingers crossed, maybe they will have a trainee position or something opened soon.

So, it started with a causal dressing for CHARM followed by a smart but creative business look for meeting up with company representatives, it had to end somewhere. And it did — a full on suit-up party at the train wagon on campus. Many thanks to our lovely hosts and please check them out HERE. Every Wednesday and Saturday you can learn a little bit more about student life from their show Strangers in Your City.


I like to think I was dressed as a retired FBI agent :) Dani was a business woman meets manga hero and our third friend was Jennifer Aniston from Horrible bosses (just acting, of course). Fourth Swedish friend went for something more exotic so she dressed as a Latina on a business trip. I should stop here and just say it was really fun and nice to be at this party unlike some other student events previous month. Waiting for some cooler pictures from the official photographer so that you could see how everybody was suited up.

Oh, and finally, one of the most important things - I have managed to find a contact for my thesis project about housing and hopefully they will provide me with the information I am missing at the moment! Arranging a meeting with them was so funny, but I will tell it another time.

THE SUIT UP GOD and our inspiration!

May the suit be with you,

February 6, 2012

Charm preparations

Short notifications and I, again!

I was at my place for couple of days now and completely out of touch with the student life, so imagine my shock when the first thing I did today was walking on a red carpet — at Chalmers.
It means only one thing — it is time for CHARM again. These are morning pics when nobody is there, but I should have the crowd on camera tomorrow, when they officially open the event.


If you are new at Chalmers, it is yet another committee. This time they are in charge of connecting students with the possible employers and also providing us with an awesome brochure where you can find listed all the companies that are interesting in working with young researchers and so on.

Btw, thanks to Arieni for unintentional reminder that "links" work here and I don't have to copy/paste every web address I want to show you.

So, see you tomorrow at the Student Union building or at the A-huset. If not for anything else, just to take freebies - I love it :)