February 23, 2012

BANEF Festival

For all the film enthusiasts there:

I just came home from one of my favorite bars/restaurants in Göteborg. It is called Hagabion and it is actually inside an old building (I guess it was some sort of factory before) that serves as a cinema now. It is not any cinema though, they play movies in their original language. They have these weeks when they would play movies from only one country or only in one language. Very interesting to see and also nice if you feel homesick.
Anyway, BANEFF is a film festival as you can see if you click on the name. It is about Balkan New Film with the focus on Serbian new cinema. They will play 5 different movies, out of which I have seen two: Montevideo, taste of a dream and Skinning. I would recommend them, though I think our cinematography has much better movies, especially the old ones.

If you are interested, all the information about the festival is on the webpage, but I can say that it is from 2-4 of March at Hagabion, Linnegatan 21. And it doesn't seem to expensive compared to the usual ticket prices.
Basically it is stuff like this that is the reason I like Sweden so much. Almost every country I know has some sort of event where you can learn more about the culture, meet with people from your place of birth or eat the most amazing food you have never tasted before.

To sum up, since I am tired and I have a lot of work for tomorrow:
If you are interested in movies, check this out. Or check the Göteborg Film festival. And also, there are groups on facebook who play movies for free - every week they decide on a topic and choose a movie by voting. Last, but not least, you can always go to Chalmers and watch a movie in Run-An for a price of 30-40 kronor (I think it's that much but I am not sure). Which is extremely cheap compared to the cinemas here.

Happy watching,