February 6, 2012

Charm preparations

Short notifications and I, again!

I was at my place for couple of days now and completely out of touch with the student life, so imagine my shock when the first thing I did today was walking on a red carpet — at Chalmers.
It means only one thing — it is time for CHARM again. These are morning pics when nobody is there, but I should have the crowd on camera tomorrow, when they officially open the event.


If you are new at Chalmers, it is yet another committee. This time they are in charge of connecting students with the possible employers and also providing us with an awesome brochure where you can find listed all the companies that are interesting in working with young researchers and so on.

Btw, thanks to Arieni for unintentional reminder that "links" work here and I don't have to copy/paste every web address I want to show you.

So, see you tomorrow at the Student Union building or at the A-huset. If not for anything else, just to take freebies - I love it :)