February 12, 2012

Suit up!

Dear readers and my online-completely public-dear diary masked as a blog,
This previous week was definitely a "suit up" one.

It started with CHARM and a rush of almost all of the Chalmers to the posts set up by companies. People came with different reasons — some searching for a master thesis, others for employment and some just for freebies. I, on the other hand, was there by accident. CHARM takes place in both Student Union building and the Architecture foyer and ljusgarden. Therefor I had to get in touch with all of this even if I didn't really feel like it. Reason behind — simple: in the best case there will be only 2 to 3 companies that are willing to hire an architect and most often it is a Swedish talking person. And to run around just for the goodies feels silly.

Anyhow, since I was already in the building, I walked around with some friends (almost the whole CIRC 2011 was there and it was nice to see each other after our mandate). During that walk, I came in contact with a Norwegian consulting company and they invited me for a mingle party the next day.

That mingle event made me suit up for a second time. I was nervous about it since I had a feeling it will be in Swedish (and it was) and that I won't know anybody (but I did). All in all it was a nice dinner. I talked with people, learnt a little bit about the company, had lovely food and drinks and enjoyed everything. Now they have me on their mailing list and fingers crossed, maybe they will have a trainee position or something opened soon.

So, it started with a causal dressing for CHARM followed by a smart but creative business look for meeting up with company representatives, it had to end somewhere. And it did — a full on suit-up party at the train wagon on campus. Many thanks to our lovely hosts and please check them out HERE. Every Wednesday and Saturday you can learn a little bit more about student life from their show Strangers in Your City.


I like to think I was dressed as a retired FBI agent :) Dani was a business woman meets manga hero and our third friend was Jennifer Aniston from Horrible bosses (just acting, of course). Fourth Swedish friend went for something more exotic so she dressed as a Latina on a business trip. I should stop here and just say it was really fun and nice to be at this party unlike some other student events previous month. Waiting for some cooler pictures from the official photographer so that you could see how everybody was suited up.

Oh, and finally, one of the most important things - I have managed to find a contact for my thesis project about housing and hopefully they will provide me with the information I am missing at the moment! Arranging a meeting with them was so funny, but I will tell it another time.

THE SUIT UP GOD and our inspiration!

May the suit be with you,