March 29, 2012

Why I do not belong in a kitchen

You know about the saying that a woman's place is in the kitchen? Well, I am most definitely not a woman by those standards. Kitchen is the most accident prone place in the whole world/house/apartment! Especially for people like me who are so easily distracted.

This is what I had today for lunch. I would like to believe that it tastes awesome and that I am a cooking genius.
A 20 minutes meal of fried bacon, onions, green salad, tomatoes, cheese, creme fraiche, salt, pepper and anything else you wish to put in it. And it also looks kinda good, right?

Now, do you know why it tastes so great?

Cause I have a secret ingredient :) It is called BLOOD!

Pay closer attention to my finger on the first picture.

Ta - da! 

March 27, 2012

Sunshine city

Jag har mitt första SFI prov i morgon but spending time by selecting and posting pictures sounds so much better than studying.
Spring has finally arrived and I am spending as much time as possible outside. Here is the outcome:

1. first flowers I've seen this Spring

2. most amazing elderly couple in their colorful pants

3. imagining how it would be to have a "girly" room

4. a bed is never big enough!

5. IKEA is probably one of the cheapest places to eat (and the food isn't bad at all)

6. and I never know what to do with my hands...

 7. nor with my legs apparently :)

8. SUN!!!

9. less sun

10. more sun and Mari (she will have to approve picture now that I posted it buahah)

11. you are my sunshine, my only sunshine 

12. same soundtrack still

 13. sunset

14. and my favorite "sun" sweater 

Back to studies, I guess...

March 24, 2012

Teach yourself some Swedish

Are you interested in practicing Swedish before coming to Göteborg? 

I just realized that I know a couple of useful sites where you can, for free, start learning Swedish before arriving here. And the reason I remembered this is because I have my SFI test next week. Yeah, it has been 10 months from the first class and to be honest I still feel like I cannot do anything. It is not true of course, but I guess we all have this feeling of knowing less than we actually do. I am also thinking of asking to do the level D test immediately and just get done with SFI (currently I am at level C). It’s better like that because of the job opportunities and also because I don’t have any more time to go there: thesis is taking a lot of time and some other things steal my focus as well.

First site has all the material from the books we use at SFI and Folkuniversitetet. It is super easy to use and you can start there. Try with Rivstart A1 + A2 or Mål 1 & 2. Those are the books I went through.

This one holds old SFI tests, I think level D and you can test yourself if you already have some knowledge of Swedish.

This is a free site where I started my learning of Swedish when I was back in Belgrade. I like it. It is not the best place on the internet, but it is free, you have people who evaluate your work and for a quick glimpse of a foreign language it works great.

And finally, the only paid program I used for studying. It is good and easy to study with Rosetta Stone, but I have problems when I need to interact with a computer for longer than 4 hours. Half of the time I tried to study with Rosetta I would be so bored – either I knew too much for the lesson, or it felt like too much repetition… It is better when you have real people around you to study with.

And the best way of studying that I know is – outside! Weather in Göteborg is nice again and it is such a shame to waste it indoors. If you don’t have to be at the Uni, head out to Slottskogen or anywhere you like and just do your work there.I sort of did that this week. Not the studying part, but I was out, just enjoying the sun and talking with friends. Gosh, I have too many teeth on this picture :)

And I also realized that I spend almost every spring doing this exact same thing - sunning! I am not sure if it is a word, but what happens here is us poor, pale souls go out like lizards and just spend time in the sun. Therefore it is called SUNNING. No wonder that around 40 000 Swedes gets skin cancer :( 
When I read this article here I started thinking about how much time we spend tanning during spring and summer. Maybe it is not as warm as in some other countries, but I had some nasty sunburns last summer, especially during the days I thought sun was not that strong and warm. And I still spend all my time outside looking like these two pictures. Upper one is from two days ago, the lower one is from one year ago, but during March as well.

So, off I go to practice Swedish and prepare for the exam next Wednesday. Looking at these sunny pictures makes me want to get it over with as soon as possible so that I can enjoy myself without too many worries.

March 18, 2012

A post about toilets and garbage

Today is Sunday. 

After a year and so in Sweden I have been Swedified enough to enjoy this day without any human contact. Certainly it is nice to talk with friends over Skype or Facebook, but real contact is too much! You cook, watch a movie or a tv-show, play a game (Black and White 2), clean the room and do a little bit of workout. People are not included! 

But no, not for me, not today.

Last week I agreed to pose in a photo-shoot for a guy from Göteborgs University. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. It was one of those "if you find it interesting we could do it" messages of Facebook sent by a friend. What I basically agreed to, was sitting on a toilet while a 1.90m Swedish guy in a pink hat and sneakers is taking pictures. 

It's really not a big deal. A lot of people said no when he explained them what the "scenography" is. Part of me understands why, but other part doesn't really. Nobody wants you to be naked, nobody is telling you what to do or how to behave, nobody is forcing you to anything. If you are feeling embarrassed by sitting on a toilet, ok - but should I remind you that it is something you do daily? At least couple of times per day. 
I think it was a lot of fun! 
And definitely an experience to tell afterwards:
"You know, while I was in Sweden I went and sat on a toilet for 2 hours while a guy was taking my pictures. And we were cracking jokes about the toilets and other usually inappropriate topics. And I also got to see where they do the real shoots with models. The amount of technology in those rooms and how much in control photographers are with the light and everything - it's almost a science". Doesn't it sound interesting? If so, send him an email to He is looking for more models and it does not matter if you have any experience or how you look or if you are a guy or a girl. Actually, he would prefer guys to answer, it seems girls are more interested in modelling. 

But the reason why I am writing this post today is something else. I don't know if I ever spoke about how clean or not Göteborg is? It is a common topic for some of us internationals and it is definitely a BIG ISSUE during weekends for the city's authorities. 
By my standards Gbg is very clean. The dirtiest it gets is Sunday morning, after all the craziness in Avenyn and other city centers, where drunk people did they "work". But it disappears relatively fast and then everything is shiny and cute till the next Friday/Saturday combo. 

So, back to me. I was on my way to the shoot and decided to play a nice neighbor by throwing out the garbage. It was nothing big, just two bags filled with cans, wine bottles and empty chips packages (pay attention, it is Sunday - the day after partying, which makes chances of throwing empty bottles very high). So I took off to the tram stop, carrying bags with me and thinking that I should be able to dispose them while still on campus. I have to explain here that we have three or four different areas in Olofshöjd where it is possible to throw away your garbage. Going from my home to Chalmers there is one, and there is one going from me to the tram stop. I have thought that the latter one is a better option, given that it is in the direction I should go.

What I did not know is that only the closest station to your place is actually open for you! We all have tags to open these garbage stores and apparently they don't work everywhere. Mind me, I am on a schedule here, so I cannot return to "my" garbage if I am to make it for the tram. No problem, right? I mean, my logic was: from Olofs to the station there are residential buildings and those guys have to throw their garbage somewhere. Right? WRONG!  I have been walking around for maybe 5 minutes, with my dangling bottles and smelly cans of tuna, trying desperately to find a garbage bin big enough. At this moment I already missed my tram and gave up on the idea that I might find a big dumpster. I just wanted a place that would fit these bags. There were some of those ground ones, but they were locked (presumably available only to the households). After another 5 minutes and silent swearing I have decided to go back to Olofs and "my" garbage which I should have used in the first place. For those who don't live in Olofshöjd (or will live here soon enough), this means going approximately 100 steps in one direction and 100 more in another, since housing is situated on a hill. And I live on the top of it! 

With a 15 minutes of being late, I sat finally in my tram and started thinking. Why is it so hard to throw garbage in Sweden? I mean, should I take a number or stand in a queue to do so? Will it make the process easier? Did I woke up a little bit more stupid today and what happened is my fault? Was there a hidden dumpster right around a corner and I didn't have to walk all the way back? What was that man thinking when he saw me trying to open a locked bin? He did look worried that I might actually succeed to throw my garbage into another person's bin. And why are Swedes so concerned about their city getting dirty but they don't put any special attention to the amount of places for disposal of stuff. I was paying attention on my way to the Avenyn and the amount of places you can use is significantly low. Maybe that is how government gets them to recycle? By not allowing them to throw anything? 

I know I am not going to this adventure again any time soon!


Find which one of these toilet pictures is mine hehe. I think I won when it comes to the narcissistic posing in the bathroom. Oh well, what can one do - it is art :) 

Thanks again to Jonn for making this one of the funniest experiences. 

March 16, 2012

Master thesis logo

Playing around with the idea of how to show my thesis' topic in a drawing. Don't know if I have managed though, but I won't play with this anymore. Too bad I don't have time to really draw stuff and make nice GIFs. Some time in the future, I guess: when the thesis is over and I am without a job. 

Actually this is acting very strange here, it is not showing the whole animation and it leaves parts of it on the screen. WTF? Go to tumblr to see the thing properly. 

March 15, 2012

When I am not allowed to shop

Today was actually a good day.

I opened this blog, copied all the old posts from Sweden in Touch, managed to send the papers for the travel scholarship and went out to help a friend with some wedding shopping. Now, I have said last month that I will not buy new clothes till the end of April. And I sort of sticked to it - I just had to take new pair of black jeans, cause the old ones are unwearable. Oh, and a ring. And a bracelet. And a bunch of lovely stickers from Accessorize. But it was all on sale! By my standards that was not shopping!

What I did do was taking a lot of pictures of myself.

I was waiting for my friend to try around 6 dresses and I had nothing else to do with myself other than snapping around with the camera. And Swedish girls sitting behind me did look a little bit annoyed, but they didn't say anything (at least not so that I could understand).

We actually managed to find this most wonderful peach/coral/orange/red/Iseecolorsasaguy dress in Mango and I just cannot wait to see proper pictures of it from the wedding. It is a very simple dress that is gathered around the neck and it has one big flower attached at the top. I still think that silver jewelry goes better with it, especially since she is going to wear black heels - but Brazilians apparently really love their gold :P

I am still very much in love with this one, although I am not sure how it should look on a person. This frontal part is a question :/ And the other question is will Zara have a sale soon and if so, can it please be for my b-day by the end of next month. I really don't want to shop "for real". I am trying to show some personality here hehe.

We ended up in the second-hand shop as well, down at the TopShop basement.
Beyond Retro is definitely one of the more interesting stores, since I don't really see where you could wear those clothes, unless it is a costume party. Though the Swedish girl had a very cool tattoo, I liked the position of it (right collarbone). 

After that it was more shops, and me considering to buy ballerinas since my feet were killing me. Also, one of the cutest owls ever! Accessorize is too expensive (unless you wait for the 70% discount), but this is adorable little thing. We also tried the "British wedding" version, so I ended up with the most extravagant thing I ever had on my head. 

And since it wasn't fluffy enough, I had to buy these stickers and destroy the perfect, smooth, elegant look of my dear old iPhone. This is how it looks now, the rest of the unused stickers will go to my sister. I was thinking of putting them on the computer, but it would just be blasphemy. 

I am satisfied. And extremely tired. Should I also add that my plans of working tonight for the master thesis are gone now? I will work tomorrow, as the wise people from 9gag said here (definition of tomorrow). I just want to finish with two more pictures. I was full after a very long break at Burger King (sorry mom, dad, for eating crappy junk food, but I was hungry). But it seemed Mari did not have enough so she decided on these precious looking sweets.

March 12, 2012

Måndag på Chalmers

It is a beautiful Monday today and I am at Chalmers working. Finally I decided to move from the flat and meet with some friends. Also, we have changed the rooms and now I am sitting in this wonderful corner office that has two walls completely covered in windows. Outside it is cralling with students and I hope you can see why everybody is enjoying themselves - the sun and the weather are just perfect!

You cannot really see how bright it is since my phone's camera sucks but you can see the view. It is also nice to be able to open the windows since in the ljusgarden rooms you cannot open them. We are 5 sitting here, all girls and we even have a girly wall. My friends will kill me for sharing this, but I just find it so cute. One wall is super serious with the works and schedules, another one is like this rest zone and it has pictures of Ryan Gosling.

Today, it is also the scholarship searching day. Most of the grants are for the trips you would like to have for your master thesis, but there are some other of course. You may check it here. I am attaching the Swedish link because it happens sometimes that on the English page you don't find all the information.

Another thing to check out is these lectures at Chalmers. I think this one is very interesting since the last course I had was in hospital and healthcare and it is a hot topic in Sweden and Nordic countries.

Guest lecture 30 March, 2011
Tom Danielsen, Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller, Danmark
Theme: New hospital buildings. Space in which to heal and work, in a global perspective.
Evidence Based Design. A help to Architect, Engineer Client or Bureaucrat?
Projects: New Emergency and Infection Building in Malmö and more

And now I have to continue working, talk to you all later!

March 5, 2012


Picture post!!!
Weather on Saturday was so amazing we decided to go out and have some fun.

I really miss having a pet :/

Closed, but it did look interesting with all of these old boats around.

A lot of sheep EVERYWHERE!!!

Lasse Dahlquist

Awesome restaurant, and not even expensive.

Brännö is an island in the Southern Göteborg Archipelago.