March 12, 2012

Måndag på Chalmers

It is a beautiful Monday today and I am at Chalmers working. Finally I decided to move from the flat and meet with some friends. Also, we have changed the rooms and now I am sitting in this wonderful corner office that has two walls completely covered in windows. Outside it is cralling with students and I hope you can see why everybody is enjoying themselves - the sun and the weather are just perfect!

You cannot really see how bright it is since my phone's camera sucks but you can see the view. It is also nice to be able to open the windows since in the ljusgarden rooms you cannot open them. We are 5 sitting here, all girls and we even have a girly wall. My friends will kill me for sharing this, but I just find it so cute. One wall is super serious with the works and schedules, another one is like this rest zone and it has pictures of Ryan Gosling.

Today, it is also the scholarship searching day. Most of the grants are for the trips you would like to have for your master thesis, but there are some other of course. You may check it here. I am attaching the Swedish link because it happens sometimes that on the English page you don't find all the information.

Another thing to check out is these lectures at Chalmers. I think this one is very interesting since the last course I had was in hospital and healthcare and it is a hot topic in Sweden and Nordic countries.

Guest lecture 30 March, 2011
Tom Danielsen, Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller, Danmark
Theme: New hospital buildings. Space in which to heal and work, in a global perspective.
Evidence Based Design. A help to Architect, Engineer Client or Bureaucrat?
Projects: New Emergency and Infection Building in Malmö and more

And now I have to continue working, talk to you all later!