March 27, 2012

Sunshine city

Jag har mitt första SFI prov i morgon but spending time by selecting and posting pictures sounds so much better than studying.
Spring has finally arrived and I am spending as much time as possible outside. Here is the outcome:

1. first flowers I've seen this Spring

2. most amazing elderly couple in their colorful pants

3. imagining how it would be to have a "girly" room

4. a bed is never big enough!

5. IKEA is probably one of the cheapest places to eat (and the food isn't bad at all)

6. and I never know what to do with my hands...

 7. nor with my legs apparently :)

8. SUN!!!

9. less sun

10. more sun and Mari (she will have to approve picture now that I posted it buahah)

11. you are my sunshine, my only sunshine 

12. same soundtrack still

 13. sunset

14. and my favorite "sun" sweater 

Back to studies, I guess...