March 24, 2012

Teach yourself some Swedish

Are you interested in practicing Swedish before coming to Göteborg? 

I just realized that I know a couple of useful sites where you can, for free, start learning Swedish before arriving here. And the reason I remembered this is because I have my SFI test next week. Yeah, it has been 10 months from the first class and to be honest I still feel like I cannot do anything. It is not true of course, but I guess we all have this feeling of knowing less than we actually do. I am also thinking of asking to do the level D test immediately and just get done with SFI (currently I am at level C). It’s better like that because of the job opportunities and also because I don’t have any more time to go there: thesis is taking a lot of time and some other things steal my focus as well.

First site has all the material from the books we use at SFI and Folkuniversitetet. It is super easy to use and you can start there. Try with Rivstart A1 + A2 or Mål 1 & 2. Those are the books I went through.

This one holds old SFI tests, I think level D and you can test yourself if you already have some knowledge of Swedish.

This is a free site where I started my learning of Swedish when I was back in Belgrade. I like it. It is not the best place on the internet, but it is free, you have people who evaluate your work and for a quick glimpse of a foreign language it works great.

And finally, the only paid program I used for studying. It is good and easy to study with Rosetta Stone, but I have problems when I need to interact with a computer for longer than 4 hours. Half of the time I tried to study with Rosetta I would be so bored – either I knew too much for the lesson, or it felt like too much repetition… It is better when you have real people around you to study with.

And the best way of studying that I know is – outside! Weather in Göteborg is nice again and it is such a shame to waste it indoors. If you don’t have to be at the Uni, head out to Slottskogen or anywhere you like and just do your work there.I sort of did that this week. Not the studying part, but I was out, just enjoying the sun and talking with friends. Gosh, I have too many teeth on this picture :)

And I also realized that I spend almost every spring doing this exact same thing - sunning! I am not sure if it is a word, but what happens here is us poor, pale souls go out like lizards and just spend time in the sun. Therefore it is called SUNNING. No wonder that around 40 000 Swedes gets skin cancer :( 
When I read this article here I started thinking about how much time we spend tanning during spring and summer. Maybe it is not as warm as in some other countries, but I had some nasty sunburns last summer, especially during the days I thought sun was not that strong and warm. And I still spend all my time outside looking like these two pictures. Upper one is from two days ago, the lower one is from one year ago, but during March as well.

So, off I go to practice Swedish and prepare for the exam next Wednesday. Looking at these sunny pictures makes me want to get it over with as soon as possible so that I can enjoy myself without too many worries.