March 15, 2012

When I am not allowed to shop

Today was actually a good day.

I opened this blog, copied all the old posts from Sweden in Touch, managed to send the papers for the travel scholarship and went out to help a friend with some wedding shopping. Now, I have said last month that I will not buy new clothes till the end of April. And I sort of sticked to it - I just had to take new pair of black jeans, cause the old ones are unwearable. Oh, and a ring. And a bracelet. And a bunch of lovely stickers from Accessorize. But it was all on sale! By my standards that was not shopping!

What I did do was taking a lot of pictures of myself.

I was waiting for my friend to try around 6 dresses and I had nothing else to do with myself other than snapping around with the camera. And Swedish girls sitting behind me did look a little bit annoyed, but they didn't say anything (at least not so that I could understand).

We actually managed to find this most wonderful peach/coral/orange/red/Iseecolorsasaguy dress in Mango and I just cannot wait to see proper pictures of it from the wedding. It is a very simple dress that is gathered around the neck and it has one big flower attached at the top. I still think that silver jewelry goes better with it, especially since she is going to wear black heels - but Brazilians apparently really love their gold :P

I am still very much in love with this one, although I am not sure how it should look on a person. This frontal part is a question :/ And the other question is will Zara have a sale soon and if so, can it please be for my b-day by the end of next month. I really don't want to shop "for real". I am trying to show some personality here hehe.

We ended up in the second-hand shop as well, down at the TopShop basement.
Beyond Retro is definitely one of the more interesting stores, since I don't really see where you could wear those clothes, unless it is a costume party. Though the Swedish girl had a very cool tattoo, I liked the position of it (right collarbone). 

After that it was more shops, and me considering to buy ballerinas since my feet were killing me. Also, one of the cutest owls ever! Accessorize is too expensive (unless you wait for the 70% discount), but this is adorable little thing. We also tried the "British wedding" version, so I ended up with the most extravagant thing I ever had on my head. 

And since it wasn't fluffy enough, I had to buy these stickers and destroy the perfect, smooth, elegant look of my dear old iPhone. This is how it looks now, the rest of the unused stickers will go to my sister. I was thinking of putting them on the computer, but it would just be blasphemy. 

I am satisfied. And extremely tired. Should I also add that my plans of working tonight for the master thesis are gone now? I will work tomorrow, as the wise people from 9gag said here (definition of tomorrow). I just want to finish with two more pictures. I was full after a very long break at Burger King (sorry mom, dad, for eating crappy junk food, but I was hungry). But it seemed Mari did not have enough so she decided on these precious looking sweets.