March 29, 2012

Why I do not belong in a kitchen

You know about the saying that a woman's place is in the kitchen? Well, I am most definitely not a woman by those standards. Kitchen is the most accident prone place in the whole world/house/apartment! Especially for people like me who are so easily distracted.

This is what I had today for lunch. I would like to believe that it tastes awesome and that I am a cooking genius.
A 20 minutes meal of fried bacon, onions, green salad, tomatoes, cheese, creme fraiche, salt, pepper and anything else you wish to put in it. And it also looks kinda good, right?

Now, do you know why it tastes so great?

Cause I have a secret ingredient :) It is called BLOOD!

Pay closer attention to my finger on the first picture.

Ta - da!