April 15, 2012

Limbo - the game

I do have more important things to do today, but given some personal events going on I decided the best option would be playing computer games. One of the reasons I bought a Mac was that the variety of these time consuming non-productive activities is brought to a minimum. First, there isn't much to pick from, second, it seems I did finally grow up and games tend to bore me easily if they aren't extremely good.

Today's poison of choice (sort to speak) is called Limbo

It is a dark, grey-scale (architect's favorite), extremely violent game that keeps you trapped inside its own twisted world. I am on the 15th screen, so there isn't much I can really say about the game. And I try to keep myself from the reviews, given that revealing the plot-line seems like a part of the actual game. 
From what I have seen thus far, it is a puzzle game with very basic interactions like walk, jump, climb, push/pull. I have no idea who I am, why am I doing stuff and where the hell this whole place is located. You may call it a professional deformation, but I am simply in love with the grainy, grey, disturbing locations that sometimes remind me of projects from RIBA

And talking about the place, this games has one of the strongest scary, dark atmosphere I came across recently (let us say 5 years back). Everything is super dark with just two eyes of the main character glistening. Which, to be honest makes it even more sad when he dies and the only light goes away. And die he will, since almost everything here can and will kill you in a most gruesome manner. I am an easy to scare person so playing a game like this makes my heart kick-start every couple of seconds. For the moment only monsters are giant spiders (I really mean it when I say giant) and some kids who apparently hate me. But I am sure more will come as I progress inside the Limbo. And also more slow, painful scenes of deceptions, impaling, squashing and similar. There is almost no music in this game, except for the atmospheric sounds which makes it even creepier. And of course, the sounds of eminent death approaching. 

But what I really love about the storytelling in this game is the camera. It zooms in and out, travels with you and gives a movie-like feel to the whole experience. Especially when you die and it zooms in on you. It shortens my life spam I can tell you. 

Back to the game I go, since I had to make a break and post this. 
If you have nothing better to do - try this game.
If you love to play good games - try this game.
If you have a lot of stuff and need relaxing - try this game. (though I doubt you will feel relaxed)