April 30, 2012

My old elevator

Last year I went to Cortege and Valborg for my birthday. Those are two typical events on 30th of April: one organized by Chalmers and the other being a part of long tradition. It was an amazing sunny day spent with friends and I enjoyed it so much!
This year I am in Belgrade with the two of my best girlfriends, my family and people I know half of my life. Weather is nice and we are spending it outside, eating barbecue and sunbathing. Sounds silly when you think that in Gothenburg it was snowing/raining when I was leaving for Serbia. In any case, I thought I should post some pictures (of myself, since it is my birthday and I am a little bit narcissistic hehe). 
Couple of days ago I posted selected pictures from my studies on Sweden in Touch, trying to remember how it was when I first came there. These here are from 2010 when I was living at Frolunda Torg and had an elevator. Back then I decided to take a picture of myself every time I come back home - it was a way to see how I am changing daily. Too bad I stopped after one month, but here are some of them. I do think I look a lot older now than 2 years ago probably because of all the running around and dealing with stuff lately. 

Happy birthday to everybody born today! Let's have a blast :)))