May 27, 2012

Graduation of the class Spring 2012

End so it ends, at least for some of the people I got to know.
On Friday 25th, Architecture department at Chalmers held the final presentations and a small party for all the graduates. My feelings are those of happiness - I feel like a proud mama for all of my friends who can call themselves architects now. Some of them will leave Sweden in next couple of weeks, which is of course sad. But that is life. And we will meet again, probably in the strangest possible conditions. 
I can say one thing for sure - Chalmers will be a strange place without the people I have spent my past two years with.

A wedding chapel proposal by Julia Madås and Sara Wernsten

If I was a bird - a kindergarten by Anna Wrener and Saga Karlsson
All inclusive - housing for homeless people by Alexandra Gustafson
Urban life and housing in Norrköping by Julia Grabe and Anna Westman
Vita Nova - maternal healthcare design by Aleksandra Piechota and Sana Rabia
How cool is it when your friends are interviewed for Metro - daily magazine in Göteborg. I am so proud of the girls!!!
Flying people! Congrats once more!!!!
And of course, a picture of the food we ate at the graduation party. By now you know how obsessed I am with these :)
Best of luck to everyone :*

May 21, 2012

Architecture Master Thesis presentations

For those of you who are already in Sweden - come to the Architecture building on 23-25th of May and see the exhibition of the master thesis proposals. 

We have been working today (and will continue tomorrow) on putting everything together for the posters and models.

Galini and I trying to figure out how to put the banners.

And of course, when we wanted to leave - RAIN! It has been wonderful for two days now: sunny and warm. So I am walking barefoot or in my summer shoes, definitely not meant for this type of rain. Though it was a warm, summer one, which I absolutely adore! Also, take into notice that this picture was taken at 8pm. And it is still so bright outside.

For those who are far away, check the links out, it will help you get the picture of what will happen. And of course, I will take pictures (this time with a proper camera) and post them here.

Catalogue 2012 Spring


Information on the site 

See you (maybe) :D

May 16, 2012

Migrationsverket: Visa extension

First of all: I am typing this post from my phone. Expect typos, strange fonts, inappropriate pictures and so on.

Now for the big news!
After ONLY 14 (letters: fourteen) days I have received my residence permit extension from Migrationsverket. It is unbelievable!!! First time I had to wait 3 months, next one was done in 4 or 5 and now this in just two weeks. I couldn't be happier. I even screamed today - only for a second, but I did.

If you are a student in Sweden and you are extending the permit I have only one advice: ask your coordinator, supervisor or whomever to write a document stating the dates.
On the webpage it is written that you need confirmation about the grades and enrollment. Since I was prolonging my work on the thesis, I asked for this extra piece of paper saying what happened to my studies.
Apparently it worked as a charm and I got papers in no time. I do know some other people still waiting for this decision, after quite a while.

Other than this happy news, I don't have much to say. Weather is Gothenburg crazy: sun then rain, school is full of future architects getting prepared for the final exhibition and I love my friends. Normal, happy, student life - at least this week.

I went to get some tan on 10 degrees. That is what Sweden does to a person – a Brazilian girl and I thought it was warm enough to sunbathe. I guess you can call us “hungry for summer” 

It is the final week of master thesis work and everybody is working 24/7. If you have time pay a quick visit to the Lightgarden in the A-building. There are many exhibitions going on and competitions. And from 23 there will also be final thesis presentations. I will try to post the programme and pictures, since I am helping to organize everything anyway.

May 12, 2012

Göteborgsvarvet - Half marathon in Göteborg


How do you feel about running 21km around the city?

Today it is the half marathon day in Göteborg, the world's largest one. Starting from Slottsskogsvallen to Hisingen Island and back, over the Götaälvbron, through Avenyn and Vasa (where I saw it) and then back to the starting point in Slottsskogsvallen. I am not a fan of running, but there must be something in it since 59 000 runners registered for this. I didn't really plan to see the event, but since I was in the city early this morning I just got caught up with everything. 

As you can see on the pictures (sorry for the quality, it is very cloudy today and my phone is not happy) there were a lot of people cheering and just looking at the runners. But there where also a lot of stands and companies promoting themselves. Like this yogurth I got while walking past, and that I adore - from the bottle to the taste.

So, here are pictures, starting from Götaplatsen towards Kungsportsplatsen and Brunnsparken. It is the exact opposite of how I was walking.

I wonder how long it lasts, since the traffic is stopped till 19 today. Last year, a runner from Kenya finished it in an hour or so - amazing!
Let us see what will happen this year. 

I actually have a friend crazy enough to try and run this! Thankfully he is in Austria. 


May 8, 2012

Picture post!

A friend from Spain is staying at my place which makes it completely impossible to do my usual "hanging next to a computer all the time" stuff. But since he is still sleeping I have some extra time to upload the pictures from yesterday. We went to Härlanda Tjärn in Rosendal and of course I didn't take my camera, but my phone is always there. And as you can see I cannot stop using Instagram.

I was also in a summer mood, with the two flowers from H&M

Last, but not least - I finally got a chance to see student housing in this area.There is a relatively big number of yellow, 2 or 3 stories high buildings at Rosendal. The area itself has playgrounds for kids, barbecue and sport terrains. Directly from it you can go to the lake and running paths that surround it. There are also some gardening plots to rent nearby. 

The only negative thing I can say is the distance and fact you have only one bus (number 17) that connects you with the rest of the city. It is a good connection, but during the night I am not sure how it works. Still, if you are searching for a place to live don't overlook Rosendal. It may not be a party campus, but you will get to enjoy the best of Swedish nature just 5 minutes away from your home.

Warm hugs,