May 21, 2012

Architecture Master Thesis presentations

For those of you who are already in Sweden - come to the Architecture building on 23-25th of May and see the exhibition of the master thesis proposals. 

We have been working today (and will continue tomorrow) on putting everything together for the posters and models.

Galini and I trying to figure out how to put the banners.

And of course, when we wanted to leave - RAIN! It has been wonderful for two days now: sunny and warm. So I am walking barefoot or in my summer shoes, definitely not meant for this type of rain. Though it was a warm, summer one, which I absolutely adore! Also, take into notice that this picture was taken at 8pm. And it is still so bright outside.

For those who are far away, check the links out, it will help you get the picture of what will happen. And of course, I will take pictures (this time with a proper camera) and post them here.

Catalogue 2012 Spring


Information on the site 

See you (maybe) :D