May 12, 2012

Göteborgsvarvet - Half marathon in Göteborg


How do you feel about running 21km around the city?

Today it is the half marathon day in Göteborg, the world's largest one. Starting from Slottsskogsvallen to Hisingen Island and back, over the Götaälvbron, through Avenyn and Vasa (where I saw it) and then back to the starting point in Slottsskogsvallen. I am not a fan of running, but there must be something in it since 59 000 runners registered for this. I didn't really plan to see the event, but since I was in the city early this morning I just got caught up with everything. 

As you can see on the pictures (sorry for the quality, it is very cloudy today and my phone is not happy) there were a lot of people cheering and just looking at the runners. But there where also a lot of stands and companies promoting themselves. Like this yogurth I got while walking past, and that I adore - from the bottle to the taste.

So, here are pictures, starting from Götaplatsen towards Kungsportsplatsen and Brunnsparken. It is the exact opposite of how I was walking.

I wonder how long it lasts, since the traffic is stopped till 19 today. Last year, a runner from Kenya finished it in an hour or so - amazing!
Let us see what will happen this year. 

I actually have a friend crazy enough to try and run this! Thankfully he is in Austria.