May 27, 2012

Graduation of the class Spring 2012

End so it ends, at least for some of the people I got to know.
On Friday 25th, Architecture department at Chalmers held the final presentations and a small party for all the graduates. My feelings are those of happiness - I feel like a proud mama for all of my friends who can call themselves architects now. Some of them will leave Sweden in next couple of weeks, which is of course sad. But that is life. And we will meet again, probably in the strangest possible conditions. 
I can say one thing for sure - Chalmers will be a strange place without the people I have spent my past two years with.

A wedding chapel proposal by Julia Madås and Sara Wernsten

If I was a bird - a kindergarten by Anna Wrener and Saga Karlsson
All inclusive - housing for homeless people by Alexandra Gustafson
Urban life and housing in Norrköping by Julia Grabe and Anna Westman
Vita Nova - maternal healthcare design by Aleksandra Piechota and Sana Rabia
How cool is it when your friends are interviewed for Metro - daily magazine in Göteborg. I am so proud of the girls!!!
Flying people! Congrats once more!!!!
And of course, a picture of the food we ate at the graduation party. By now you know how obsessed I am with these :)
Best of luck to everyone :*