May 16, 2012

Migrationsverket: Visa extension

First of all: I am typing this post from my phone. Expect typos, strange fonts, inappropriate pictures and so on.

Now for the big news!
After ONLY 14 (letters: fourteen) days I have received my residence permit extension from Migrationsverket. It is unbelievable!!! First time I had to wait 3 months, next one was done in 4 or 5 and now this in just two weeks. I couldn't be happier. I even screamed today - only for a second, but I did.

If you are a student in Sweden and you are extending the permit I have only one advice: ask your coordinator, supervisor or whomever to write a document stating the dates.
On the webpage it is written that you need confirmation about the grades and enrollment. Since I was prolonging my work on the thesis, I asked for this extra piece of paper saying what happened to my studies.
Apparently it worked as a charm and I got papers in no time. I do know some other people still waiting for this decision, after quite a while.

Other than this happy news, I don't have much to say. Weather is Gothenburg crazy: sun then rain, school is full of future architects getting prepared for the final exhibition and I love my friends. Normal, happy, student life - at least this week.

I went to get some tan on 10 degrees. That is what Sweden does to a person – a Brazilian girl and I thought it was warm enough to sunbathe. I guess you can call us “hungry for summer” 

It is the final week of master thesis work and everybody is working 24/7. If you have time pay a quick visit to the Lightgarden in the A-building. There are many exhibitions going on and competitions. And from 23 there will also be final thesis presentations. I will try to post the programme and pictures, since I am helping to organize everything anyway.