May 8, 2012

Picture post!

A friend from Spain is staying at my place which makes it completely impossible to do my usual "hanging next to a computer all the time" stuff. But since he is still sleeping I have some extra time to upload the pictures from yesterday. We went to Härlanda Tjärn in Rosendal and of course I didn't take my camera, but my phone is always there. And as you can see I cannot stop using Instagram.

I was also in a summer mood, with the two flowers from H&M

Last, but not least - I finally got a chance to see student housing in this area.There is a relatively big number of yellow, 2 or 3 stories high buildings at Rosendal. The area itself has playgrounds for kids, barbecue and sport terrains. Directly from it you can go to the lake and running paths that surround it. There are also some gardening plots to rent nearby. 

The only negative thing I can say is the distance and fact you have only one bus (number 17) that connects you with the rest of the city. It is a good connection, but during the night I am not sure how it works. Still, if you are searching for a place to live don't overlook Rosendal. It may not be a party campus, but you will get to enjoy the best of Swedish nature just 5 minutes away from your home.

Warm hugs,