June 20, 2012

Midsummer, MTV World Stage and celebrations

Hello everyone!

I honestly don't know how to start this blog post. So many things have happened during past two weeks. I am drinking tea, eating cookies, answering emails and trying to finally relax .

Maybe I should start from the last thing: I passed my final exam at SFI course couple of hours ago. VG on all four parts of the test which means I can start studying SAS now. The test was exactly the same as the one I took for C-level, but a little bit harder. Basically, it is the writing that you need to pay special attention to. I don't think I'll continue with the courses though, because of the next information.
I FINALLY GOT A JOB! After two months of sending emails to the officies I liked, I managed to have 4 interviews in a very short period (3 in the same week). Now I will start a completely new phase of studying/working and I can't wait to tell you more about it. It also means that I will have to start speaking Swedish very soon. It shouldn't be that hard if I am surrounded by it entire day. At least I hope it won't, but we will have to wait and see.
I also worked as an extra in the newest advertisement for Chalmers University where our beloved Abhilash (former president of Chalmers International Reception Committee) is telling a story of his life. Can't wait to see the final product on Study in Sweden website. Maybe they will cut me out, but no matter, it was amazing to see how commercials are made. And people were nice as well, talking about movies and how much we like or dislike Tom Cruz - perfect fika topic. 

So after all of these good news, I need to celebrate I think. And there are so many opportunities to do that this week. Main event - Midsommaren celebration of the longest day of the year. Flowers, drinks, nice weather (hopefully), grill, food, friends, what more can one ask for? Pictures coming soon... 
And tomorrow, there is a free concert at Götaplatsen - MTV World Stage  that starts at 19:30. Four artists will perform, and I cannot wait to here this year's winner of Eurovision Loreen, Nelly Furtado, B.o.B and Tove Styrke.

Have a wonderful start of summer :)