June 4, 2012

Regnbågs parade

And yet another chance to see a _gay pride parade_ was wasted.

This last week of May - beginning of June was reserved for a Rainbow festival here in Gothenburg.
Things I know about the event: it is organised and/or sponsored by HBTQ: homosexual, bisexual, transexual and queer people's organisation and usually there is around 8 000 people in the parade while next to 25 000 is watching it. Rarely there are incidents involved with this event, or at least I have not heard about them. People walk from Göteoborgs opera house to the Liseberg amusement park where a big ball is held for all the participants.

The reason why I was so intent on seeing the parade is the fact how much attention it gets in Serbia. I mean, we make such a big thing about it (about it not happening to be precise). So it is in a way strange to see how it makes absolutely no disruption in the way city lives except for halting the traffic for 2 hours.

However, I missed it again this year! Instead of going out on time to catch the parade, I watched an episode of "Dance Moms" - the most stupid show on planet Earth - and ate my lunch with Danka in bed. So instead of pictures from the gay parade, you will see pictures from the Botanical society garden. We went there when we have realised that we missed the show. I cannot say I am sad about it.

By the way, if you are a hardcore fan of point&click adventures like I am, you will understand why I was having flashes of Myth, Egypt, Messenger, Syberia, Machinarium across my mind and in front of my eyes while in the park and the botanical house.

And I got obsessed with these water reflections.

Also with the flowers. I said that the second one will be my wedding bouquet if I ever go crazy and decide to marry.

And my darling friend is the hardest person to photograph ever!!! She is one of those people who look great and then the moment you point the camera in their direction - they make a face or do something stupid and you loose all the magic. So I am super proud of actually having a couple of photos where she looks nice. I am attaching one of those in between moments, the weakest one, just to prove my point.

I am also thinking that it could be an idea for me to do something with the hair if I know I wish to get photographed. Natural drying and Göteborgs wind are not your friends - learn that Ivana!

I will end the post with the result of a quick test I took online. Funny, isn't it?