July 11, 2012

A day at Gunnebo Slott

Hej again
While we (both you and I) are waiting for me to sit down and write a long post about how working in Sweden is different from what I am used to, here is a post from today's little excursion. 
A friend from my old Architecture Faculty is vacationing in Göteborg and I thought it would be nice to go around the city with her. After two years of living here there is not so much I can do for the first time. I mean, I did almost everything there is in Göteborg during my first months as a student. Then again while I was a part of CIRC and showing the city to the newcomers. And now again :) But there is always something I haven't seen or it changed during the time.
Today on the list we had a lovely trip to the Gunnebo Slott, after seeing a post from Tingting here. I have never been there before so it seemed like a good place to visit on such a nice day. It's been a typical Göteborgs summer till now with a lot of rain! So the first chance of sun just made us run out and into the nature.

A zoom-in at the perfect pose ;)

Just imagine having this as your backyard. I could, without any problem.

It is extremely easy to get to the Gunnebo, you can read the instructions on their site or just type it as a destination on Västtrafik's page. We decided to walk halfway back so that we can enjoy the weather and the beach nearby.

While we were playing at the beach, far away up in the air we saw one of those small airplanes with a message behind him. I couldn't see what it said from the distance so I took a picture of it.

From what I can see now, it says you should test-drive new Honda Civic - backwards.

And final treats: I am uploading this just for laugh.

Unsuccessful ballerina project in Sweden one could say. And the other two are us trying to look as cool as Sasha when he takes pictures of himself. Unsuccessfully again.

Enjoy the summer :)

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