July 2, 2012

Working Girl

Today is Monday and I was at work from 8 am till 5 pm! I still cannot believe it. It is such a fantastic feeling to have a job that it actually took me an entire week to start believing that it was really happening. It also had something to do with the fact I was mentally preparing myself to go back to Serbia if I don't find something.

Working in Sweden should be a post of its own and unfortunately I don’t have enough time tonight to do it. What I can say is that knowledge of Swedish language is mandatory, if not for the work, but then for the socializing with the other coworkers. It is also one of the hardest things for me, since all of the sudden I started speaking and working in a language I still am not that comfortable with. By the end of every working day I feel dizzy from all the information that went through my head. But it is such a sweet pain. 

the view from the office

lunchtime by the river, with a view over Trädgårdsföreningen 

business lunch at Trädgår'n

Also, I didn’t have time to post pictures or write about the Midsummer celebration. That was an indeed funny day! And unfortunately a very rainy one in the Göteborg area (friends who went outside of the city had much better weather). I was supposed to go to the islands with one group of friends and then meet for another party later during the day. However, it was raining so much while we were at the Styrso, that we were all soaking wet by the end of our stay there. The only thing we could have done was to soak our feet in warm water back at home and stay in bed looking the European football league.

So all in all, life is busy and happy whit joyful events, far away from the computer. I guess this week I will again be away, but after that I am on vacation and ready to write about life and everything happening.

First week of the rest of my life.