August 19, 2012


I had a silly desire to go to Karlstad for over a year now.
Maybe it is because of the name of the city, maybe cause I am imagining the river and the streets, I don't know. But the wish is there and I finally had time to make it happen thanks to my lovely Alice. 

The city is the capital of Värmland with around 60 000 something inhabitants. What I loved about it is the river delta of Klarälven, Sweden's longest river, that connects to the Sweden's largest lake Vänern right where the city is built. If you have ever been to Serbia, I must mention that it felt and looked like Novi Sad or some other city in Vojvodina. Just incredible thought that just the look of place can make you feel like you are in your home country again. 

Last stop before enjoying the famous Karlstad sun was the museum. They had a couple of very interesting exhibitions, including the Tattoo exhibition (how architectural is that house and a tree, so fluffy). What did make an impact was this interactive story about Värmland that made both Alice and I (friend I was with) scream and laugh and run around like kids. And since we were in the kid mood we decided to treat ourselves with a couple of plastic crowns and wear them for the rest of the day. Lovely thing about Sweden - nobody cares what you wear or how you look. It also seems we had a signature "friendly duck face" pictures :) 

It is impossible to see it, but behind me is a bachelorette party. And next to them is another one. And those are really not my thing, therefor the face on the picture underneath. 

The last stop was a fantastic bench on the beach where we ate our fika and put plastic crowns on our heads and just enjoyed the water till it was time to go home. I guess the only problem was the fact I am scared of water - especially if it is red! 

August 7, 2012

A short note from a working day

I started working on Monday, and I am already tired on Tuesday. 

It is the Swedish, the fact I have to think in it all the time, answer the phone (I had my fire baptism today with 4 phone calls that I answered), ask about the stuff I don't know and explain what I can do. But it will get better with time, as everything does. 

This is a very short post with a couple of "arbetsliv" everyday working life pictures. I am planning to visit Karlstad on Saturday with a friend who was on Erasumus at Chalmers last year. Now she is back to study Swedish at Folk University for a month and we thought that leaving the city, even for a day, is a good idea. So more pictures coming (and I hope to fix my camera before the trip). Also, next week is reserved for Melissa Horn and Kulturkalaset (pictures and links again).

Då kör vi:

Very grey weather, almost like during the Autumn :( And the streets are completely empty at 7:30 when I walk to work

For the first day of work I tried to bake a Serbian apple pie. I am still not quite sure I did it properly, but my colleagues were happy with the result, and so am I then.

And talking about working place - the building is being renovated. Feels almost unnatural to walk in these hallways. Sci-Fi movies, anyone?

But at least the view outside is gorgeous! Kungsportsplatsen with a statue ofCharles IX and Salluhallen in the back.

And this is how my days end... Watching movies from a bathtub. I am not sure how smart this is, but it is definitely my favorite time of day.

Talk to you from Karlstad,

God natt :)

August 3, 2012

A secret project

Today I have started with a research.
I am genuinely curious about something + in the process of find out more I get to practice Swedish. Win-win situation. It has nothing to do with school or architecture, that is everything I can say at the moment.

I can say it has a lot to do Swedes and their social behavior and communication skills. Fun fun fun!
Plus it is something I have never done before :)

I'll keep you posted!

me undercover :) secret agent Charlie 

August 1, 2012

Super Urban

Once a person asked me (with an ironical undertone) if my blog is about clothes. And I stated very clearly that I have no clue what it is about and that everything is possible. But I keep myself away from fashion blogging because that is not really my thing. I enjoy spending time looking at the pictures of different clothes combinations from all over the world, but I would be very bad in doing the same.

Today is, however, different. 
I have received a shirt from a friend of mine who is trying to establish himself as a graphic designer (this is not confirmed by him, but I would call it like that). I must admit I adore drawings he made that you can see on his blog here and since the first time I saw this one I have decided it is mine. 

We have been talking a long time over this and I even asked for a tattoo inspired by the flowers and diamonds in her hair (mom I hope you are not reading this, but I will tattoo it one day for sure). 
Anyhow, here is the final product. Pictures are not as perfect as they should be, but I have no batteries for my camera :( So the phone must be enough at the moment.

I was so happy when I saw the way envelope looks like and how my name and address were written. Also, insides were amazing, including a postcard, washing explanation, some "it's not art" frames and my gorgeous shirt!

I also feel like this shirt goes nicely with the cabrio parked behind my friend's place. Too bad I cannot drive a car, cause it would be so cool to have this one and then take picture in it while wearing the shirt.

If it seems interesting to you, check more of his work on the facebook page of Super Urban. There is a bunch of interesting stuff there that I wish to promote with all my heart, but am too tired at the moment (it is 1AM). 

Good night to you all, I am off to sleep in my new favorite shirt <3