August 7, 2012

A short note from a working day

I started working on Monday, and I am already tired on Tuesday. 

It is the Swedish, the fact I have to think in it all the time, answer the phone (I had my fire baptism today with 4 phone calls that I answered), ask about the stuff I don't know and explain what I can do. But it will get better with time, as everything does. 

This is a very short post with a couple of "arbetsliv" everyday working life pictures. I am planning to visit Karlstad on Saturday with a friend who was on Erasumus at Chalmers last year. Now she is back to study Swedish at Folk University for a month and we thought that leaving the city, even for a day, is a good idea. So more pictures coming (and I hope to fix my camera before the trip). Also, next week is reserved for Melissa Horn and Kulturkalaset (pictures and links again).

Då kör vi:

Very grey weather, almost like during the Autumn :( And the streets are completely empty at 7:30 when I walk to work

For the first day of work I tried to bake a Serbian apple pie. I am still not quite sure I did it properly, but my colleagues were happy with the result, and so am I then.

And talking about working place - the building is being renovated. Feels almost unnatural to walk in these hallways. Sci-Fi movies, anyone?

But at least the view outside is gorgeous! Kungsportsplatsen with a statue ofCharles IX and Salluhallen in the back.

And this is how my days end... Watching movies from a bathtub. I am not sure how smart this is, but it is definitely my favorite time of day.

Talk to you from Karlstad,

God natt :)