August 19, 2012


I had a silly desire to go to Karlstad for over a year now.
Maybe it is because of the name of the city, maybe cause I am imagining the river and the streets, I don't know. But the wish is there and I finally had time to make it happen thanks to my lovely Alice. 

The city is the capital of Värmland with around 60 000 something inhabitants. What I loved about it is the river delta of Klarälven, Sweden's longest river, that connects to the Sweden's largest lake Vänern right where the city is built. If you have ever been to Serbia, I must mention that it felt and looked like Novi Sad or some other city in Vojvodina. Just incredible thought that just the look of place can make you feel like you are in your home country again. 

Last stop before enjoying the famous Karlstad sun was the museum. They had a couple of very interesting exhibitions, including the Tattoo exhibition (how architectural is that house and a tree, so fluffy). What did make an impact was this interactive story about Värmland that made both Alice and I (friend I was with) scream and laugh and run around like kids. And since we were in the kid mood we decided to treat ourselves with a couple of plastic crowns and wear them for the rest of the day. Lovely thing about Sweden - nobody cares what you wear or how you look. It also seems we had a signature "friendly duck face" pictures :) 

It is impossible to see it, but behind me is a bachelorette party. And next to them is another one. And those are really not my thing, therefor the face on the picture underneath. 

The last stop was a fantastic bench on the beach where we ate our fika and put plastic crowns on our heads and just enjoyed the water till it was time to go home. I guess the only problem was the fact I am scared of water - especially if it is red!