November 18, 2012

Last blogpost on Sweden in Touch

I never found it more difficult to write a blog post than the day I wrote this (2012-11-18 if I remember correctly).

After reevaluating my priorities, time schedules and getting in touch with people from Chalmers, I decided it is time to stop officially blogging for the University. It is not an easy decision, but still a necessary one. However, it doesn't mean I shall stop writing, and hopefully now I will have more time for my personal blog. Chalmers University has given so much to me that I only find it a privilege if I can still help by answering questions future students might have about studying in Sweden. Feel free to contact me about any questions you might have.

All of that said, I don't know what to write about in this post. 
I missed to blog about so many important events, mainly because those took away my entire free time. Thesis is slowly moving towards the end, finalizing the proposal, working on the presentation and design of the booklet. It is a mix of emotions, wanting to be done with it but at the same time taking as long as possible to finish the work. I have talked with a lot of people at the end of the last semester. They all agreed that finishing studies felt amazing but also as scary as hell. We don't think how much our school defines us and our lives until it comes to an end. And all of the sudden you are "free" from all these obligations and if you haven't realized what your next step is - hello panic! Hopefully not in my case. The only real change I think will happen is more free time and to that I look forward to. 

And till the end of this year I have so many other things booked that it will be incredible if I pull them all out. I hope to blog about the "autumn party" my office is preparing next week, a short trip to Stockholm for a reunion with some darling friends, my final seminar for the thesis, Julbord = Christmas day in Copenhagen with the office, the New Year in Prague together with a small trip to Warsaw and Telc and probable hunt for a new apartment. Sounds fun (this is me cheering myself up)! 

And for the rest, it was wonderful sharing my life with the future Chalmerists and I hope I have helped at least a little bit with any inquires they might have had. 

Happy life!