June 27, 2013

Conquering the North - final episode

This year, in august, it will be exactly three years since I arrived to Sweden.
Finally, after a trip to Oslo, I can say I have seen entire Scandinavia.

The last stop was in Norway a month or two ago. An architect friend that I met at Chalmers lives and works there now, so it was a perfect opportunity to meet with her and see a new city at the same time. While I was browsing through my pictures I realized that there is a thing about Oslo (and/or Norwegian architects) - they do love details. So, instead of posting the pictures of buildings that you can already search on ArchDaily, let us check the fun detailing of Norway's capital.



On their buildings:

Suspended in the air: 

Perhaps on the ground:

Or some other strange place:

But, above all else, they are into sculptures... 

 Oh, and how could I forget! Electric cars. Ecofriendly way to transport yourself from place A to place B. I have seen one electricity station in Gothenburg (at Chalmers), but Oslo is full of them. Though not everyone drives a Tesla.

June 22, 2013

Home Garden

Have you tried to do some home gardening lately?
I got hooked up on it.

It starts so easily, all the supermarkets from Willys till Hemköp are selling the fresh spices in those small, plastic, black pots. And once you have bought the plant and used it, you have to ask yourself "Should I try to grow this? It is already planted...". 

So now I don't have enough space to keep all the pots and I was wondering - how creative are people when it comes to home gardening? Exemples follow.

picture taken from here

picture taken from here

Since I am hoping to move soon, I won't be testing any of these at the place I have now. But in the new apartment... Who knows?

Da li ste probali da gajite biljke kod kuce? Ja sam odskora navucena na to.
Zapravo je lako kada u švedskim supermaketima začine i kupujete zasadjene u plastične saksije. Posle toga se sami zapitate sta bi falilo da ih sačuvate i zasadite za ubuduce. 
Ja sam pocela sa mozda jednom ili sve biljke, a sada ni prozor ne mogu da otvorim.
Zato sam i pocela da trazim kreativne ideje za gajenje biljaka u stanu - ko zna, mozda ako se preselim u novi stan budem imala jos vecu "baštu".

June 8, 2013

 The Mysterious Ice-cream van of Sweden

Probably every country in the world has a mystery story told by the locals. 
In the case of Sweden, it has to be the story of the ghost ice-cream van! 

Since I came to Gothenburg three years ago, I have been hearing this strange noise from time to time. A friendly melody of tu-lu-lum, tu-lu-lum would randomly appear and disappear without a reason. In the beginning I didn't even know what I am listening to, but some good soul finally told me that the mysterious music is produced by a truck full of ice-cream going around and selling it. Strangely enough, I had heard this sound at any time of the day, from early mornings to late in the night, but I never managed to actually see the van.

So this weekend, while I was vacationing in Vänersborg, a small town beside the Vänern lake, I heard it again. The sound of the mysterious ice-cream van! And mind me, Vänersborg is small, the streets are empty, sun is shining and there is no place to hide a huge van. But no, there was no sight of the truck anywhere.   

So, until someone shows me the picture of this Swedish ice-cream van or I see it with my own eyes, this is how I am imagining it.

This would be the perfect one, all colorful and lovely. 

Or a funny version of a melted ice-cream truck.

More common types of the trucks and how it probably looks like in the reality.

And the worst case scenario that I am fearing of at the moment.