June 27, 2013

Conquering the North - final episode

This year, in august, it will be exactly three years since I arrived to Sweden.
Finally, after a trip to Oslo, I can say I have seen entire Scandinavia.

The last stop was in Norway a month or two ago. An architect friend that I met at Chalmers lives and works there now, so it was a perfect opportunity to meet with her and see a new city at the same time. While I was browsing through my pictures I realized that there is a thing about Oslo (and/or Norwegian architects) - they do love details. So, instead of posting the pictures of buildings that you can already search on ArchDaily, let us check the fun detailing of Norway's capital.



On their buildings:

Suspended in the air: 

Perhaps on the ground:

Or some other strange place:

But, above all else, they are into sculptures... 

 Oh, and how could I forget! Electric cars. Ecofriendly way to transport yourself from place A to place B. I have seen one electricity station in Gothenburg (at Chalmers), but Oslo is full of them. Though not everyone drives a Tesla.