June 8, 2013

 The Mysterious Ice-cream van of Sweden

Probably every country in the world has a mystery story told by the locals. 
In the case of Sweden, it has to be the story of the ghost ice-cream van! 

Since I came to Gothenburg three years ago, I have been hearing this strange noise from time to time. A friendly melody of tu-lu-lum, tu-lu-lum would randomly appear and disappear without a reason. In the beginning I didn't even know what I am listening to, but some good soul finally told me that the mysterious music is produced by a truck full of ice-cream going around and selling it. Strangely enough, I had heard this sound at any time of the day, from early mornings to late in the night, but I never managed to actually see the van.

So this weekend, while I was vacationing in Vänersborg, a small town beside the Vänern lake, I heard it again. The sound of the mysterious ice-cream van! And mind me, Vänersborg is small, the streets are empty, sun is shining and there is no place to hide a huge van. But no, there was no sight of the truck anywhere.   

So, until someone shows me the picture of this Swedish ice-cream van or I see it with my own eyes, this is how I am imagining it.

This would be the perfect one, all colorful and lovely. 

Or a funny version of a melted ice-cream truck.

More common types of the trucks and how it probably looks like in the reality.

And the worst case scenario that I am fearing of at the moment.