July 9, 2013

Båstad and Swedish Open

Last weekend I spent in Båstad - a small coast town south of Gothenburg.
It is the hometown of the Swedish Open, ATP tournament in tennis inside the 250 series. Now I sound like I actually know something about tennis which is not true. But I do care about nice architecture, and summer, and having fun.
The town is extremely cute, full of well-situated Swedes and tennis lovers from all around the world. During the winter there is absolutely nothing to be done here. But during the summer there are sand beaches with 18 degrees warm water, tennis courts, good restaurants and amazing ice-cream. Almost everything you need. Plus they say that partying during the Swedish Open is one of the best!
As in every town, there is a newer city center and an old one, close to the local church. On the pictures below you can see houses from one of the older streets in Båstad.

 Have fun and enjoy summer!

Shirt and shoes: ZARA
Jeans: Diesel
Sunglasses: Aldo