August 26, 2013

I have migrated!!!

I mean the blog has.

Last week was my 3rd year's anniversary of living in Sweden. It has also been three years of blogging for myself, my friends and family, Chalmers, students and people I have not yet met.

So today I have decided it is time to start properly writing a blog, not like a diary, but more as guide to everything I like and care about. More focus, less blabbing if you will.
CLUMSY WITH WORDS is still the name but I have migrated to wordpress.

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And I think I have spread my word all across the know internet at the moment :D

August 14, 2013

Museum of Natural History in Gothenburg

A cousin of mine from Canada is visiting. 
Since I just had my mom and sister with me in Gothenburg, there is a limited amount of things that we can do without me getting too bored. One of them was going to the Naturhistoriska museum in Göteborg, located at the beginning of Slottsskogen park, at Linnéplatsen. 
If you are under 25 the entrance is for free. Otherwise you can buy a yearly ticket for five biggest museums in Gothenburg for just 40 SEK.

The only fault I could find with the museum was the lack of information in English. Otherwise I warmly recommend it with the number two on my list of museums and educational centers, after Universeum

 Cousin: "So, do you feel like eating fish for lunch?"
Me: "No thank you, not even sushi"

My cousin kept saying that this is the blue whale cause it has such a square-shaped head. It took me like 2 minutes to understand that she says the shape outlined with the wire. Sometimes I think that this blond haircolor got to my brain. 

Fallout all the way. Missing that game a lot...

You talkin' to me?

Exchanging some tenderness with the bear.

This little friend is special :) I think they used him for the Guarana ads?!?

August 4, 2013

The Podcast of my Swedish Summer

Hej hej!

One quick recommendation for all of you Swedish talking/listening/learning people.
Since I had to spend my summer in Sweden, I have decided to make it a useful one. A lot of summer reading in the sun, swimming in Delsjön or Saltholmen, many gym visits and of course some studying of Swedish.

Those two last combined ended up in my first listening of a podcast ever.

Olof and Rickards Podcast

iTunes link is here 

Of Olof Röhlander I heard before. A colleague of mine recommended reading his peptalks (in Swedish) when I started learning the language. On his website here can you find a link for receiving an email every monday morning containing a small inspirational text. During my first job it was one of my favorite rituals on Mondays.
And regarding Rickard Olsson, the only thing I know is that today morning it was his voice which greeted me from SVT1. But somehow I like to keep it that way. I am learning about these people from their podcast. And even if it doesn't make any sense sometimes - it is still fun.

Try them out, at least two episode, before you decide if it it something for you or not!

Hot summer ya all :D