August 14, 2013

Museum of Natural History in Gothenburg

A cousin of mine from Canada is visiting. 
Since I just had my mom and sister with me in Gothenburg, there is a limited amount of things that we can do without me getting too bored. One of them was going to the Naturhistoriska museum in Göteborg, located at the beginning of Slottsskogen park, at Linnéplatsen. 
If you are under 25 the entrance is for free. Otherwise you can buy a yearly ticket for five biggest museums in Gothenburg for just 40 SEK.

The only fault I could find with the museum was the lack of information in English. Otherwise I warmly recommend it with the number two on my list of museums and educational centers, after Universeum

 Cousin: "So, do you feel like eating fish for lunch?"
Me: "No thank you, not even sushi"

My cousin kept saying that this is the blue whale cause it has such a square-shaped head. It took me like 2 minutes to understand that she says the shape outlined with the wire. Sometimes I think that this blond haircolor got to my brain. 

Fallout all the way. Missing that game a lot...

You talkin' to me?

Exchanging some tenderness with the bear.

This little friend is special :) I think they used him for the Guarana ads?!?