August 4, 2013

The Podcast of my Swedish Summer

Hej hej!

One quick recommendation for all of you Swedish talking/listening/learning people.
Since I had to spend my summer in Sweden, I have decided to make it a useful one. A lot of summer reading in the sun, swimming in Delsjön or Saltholmen, many gym visits and of course some studying of Swedish.

Those two last combined ended up in my first listening of a podcast ever.

Olof and Rickards Podcast

iTunes link is here 

Of Olof Röhlander I heard before. A colleague of mine recommended reading his peptalks (in Swedish) when I started learning the language. On his website here can you find a link for receiving an email every monday morning containing a small inspirational text. During my first job it was one of my favorite rituals on Mondays.
And regarding Rickard Olsson, the only thing I know is that today morning it was his voice which greeted me from SVT1. But somehow I like to keep it that way. I am learning about these people from their podcast. And even if it doesn't make any sense sometimes - it is still fun.

Try them out, at least two episode, before you decide if it it something for you or not!

Hot summer ya all :D